Hadros lux is getting a hybrid(Apparently)

Notice anything strange on the first line or parasauthops???


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Do they maybe mean Parasaurolophus Lux? It has “parasaur” in it’s name after all. What would an Apexes hybrid even be?


is this from gamepress of something? I’m curious to know where this is from
and like @Mudkipz said, what would the hybrid even be? Would this mean a new rarity and entire new set of apex+_ hybrids? seems more like it would be para lux rather than hadros


There was a datamine, but it’s not on the GP website right now. There are other errors in some creature descriptions, like Smilodon bring from the Eocene and Meiolania being related to Ankylosaurus. I’m not sure they’ve ever been wrong about in-gane info before, but I wouldn’t be surprised, especially since this isn’t finalized yet.


It’s para lux


Uh… what i just missed??

Hack? Ten characters.

Datamine means they checked the code for new creatures

So… was there any datamine that actually came true?

Partially yes

And why people talking about jwa hack on jwa forum :rofl:??

Probably because there not good at the game

What? I don’t understand…

I mean they want to hack the game also can you quite. Where you heard this

Heard what?

About jwa hack on the forums quote your source

Got this on discord
Some servers have this feature we get the latest datamine…

Not sure
We need answers from either GP or Ludia

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Since it hasn’t even been officialy released it’s defenetly a typo or something

Parasauthops was datamined to be a unique ages ago, they problably just mean para lux, especialy since there is a part of it’s name in parathop’s name.


I thought so too
Just thought it would be fun to show a typo that got everyone hyped