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Hadros Lux is pretty much useless

I remember a point where Jorge lamented that they had put out all these creatures to counter the OP dinos of the day, saying he couldn’t understand why people didn’t use them. The community response was basically that the amount of time it would take (pre sanctuaries, pre donations, pre almost everything except hunting) to get those new dinos to team level made it impossible.

This was around the time people were JUST getting their all level 30 teams. What use did they have for a slightly better dino that was going to take another 1.5-2 years of hunting when what they had was almost as good? And later, when boosts were introduced, no one had boosts to spare anyway so even AT team level it wasn’t going to be strong enough to beat a boosted 30 whatever.

The lesson learned, as this discussion illustrates, was to OVER buff and OVER nerf the counters to whichever creature(s) were determined to be the IT thing. Force people to invest in it or perish, that’s always been the way. Nerf the things then too, penalizing people for investing to begin with, just to make space for the next new thing.

We all know this, they know this - Yet here were are just chasing our tails over and over. Classes (as a concept) were the only real breathe of fresh air in well over a year, and as bumpy as a path that has been (really? we still can’t figure out how to balance only three archetypes?) they could have done so many more things to increase their revenue instead of relying on the old bait and switch.


Useless? probably not but worth keeping around, oh heck no. I reside in 57 to 62 range and i must say cera and hadros are more of a reliability than anything else. They do kinda suck but oh well time to move on to the next dino that will be nerfed. I do feel this will alter the raid aspect of the game and maybe the life of the game. At least since the resilient change my playing time has dropped and even more so after this patch. I know i cant be the only one. It is what it is tho and ill see you guys on the next complaint topic.


Well they also just dropped Phorurex and Indotaurus in the same update, which apparently are so good that they’re worth putting on your team even up to 8 levels underleveled compared to the rest of your dinos. The fact of the matter is you only have 8 slots on your team, so even though Hadros and Magnus are still strong, they just can’t stack up to their new competition. Like you said, you’re just moving on to the next OP thing; but that doesn’t mean Hadros and Magnus are useless or even a little bit weak. If the small nerfs they got in 2.10 were enough to make either of them unviable, then the balance in this game is on a knifes edge - but given that you’re able to run a level 22 on your level 30 team, I don’t think that’s the case.

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I’m just kinda salty because if Hadros Lux IS useless now, it kind of proves my argument that the 2.9 resilient changes were the wrong way to go.

I always said that deceleration was never to blame, it was certain resilients like Hadros having too much damage output. But certain people thought otherwise. Then 2.9 rolled around…

Players: Resilients are too strong because of decel!
Ludia: OK, no more deceleration on resilient attacks
Players: Ok… but now Hadros Lux is even STRONGER than it used to be! It does too much damage!
Ludia: OK, we’ll give it back deceleration, but lower the attack stat and change one of the rampages to an impact
Players: No! Now Hadros is USELESS!!!

But the part that gets me is that it only became “useless” after the damage nerf DESPITE getting decel back, which just makes me think that nerfing the damage output of only the strongest resilients was always the right way to go, and that the 2.9 resilient change to vulnerable was entirely unnecessary.

So Hadros with high damage and deceleration was op, and Hadros with high damage and vulnerability was op, but Hadros with lower damage and deceleration is “useless” (or at least not worth using)? Hmm… what’s the common denominator here? Is deceleration game-breaking, or is it a non-factor? You can’t have it both ways.


I have to go back to my original point and ask why no one seems to see what’s actually happening.

When everyone was saying how op Hadros was there weren’t many counters to it. Since then Ludia have added counters such as SR3, flocks, Phoruex, Indotaurus and of course they have also improved the Deer beyond recognition.

So since us mere mortals have put our boosts into the apex that we have spent a year and more grinding to get to top levels, we are highly unlikely to remove those boosts and lose half of them are we? Coupled with the coins required to level up these new creatures it means only the top players will justify the expense to alter their team to accommodate the best creatures in the game.

The fact is that even if Hadros wasn’t nerfed it was never gonna be as good as it was with the introduction of the new dinos. I believe Ludia knew this before the last two patches and nerfed it knowing full well they could blame the players. And still I see players justifying the nerf without seeing the plain and obvious truth. That being what’s obvious - to remain competitive we will have to remove our fully boosted apex dinos to make room for uniques that are vital now.


Basically what OP said: "Even Cera is out perform by MonoRhino. Is this the intention of the developers? "


Its kinda bad now but not fully useless…

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I actually see the Lux changes as more of a rework than a nerf. In a vacuum, a dino losing 150 attack in exchange for access to the supposedly OP deceleration ability sounds like a fair trade. By itself, Hadros should still be very strong with this kit, so I have no problem with it being changed in 2.10. The real Hadros nerf in 2.10 was that Ludia FINALLY released some counters for it (and made it so that Mortem rightfully counters Hadros now). Like I said above, the actual changes to Hadros only reduce it’s turn 1 damage by 525, while Mortem gaining vulnerability immunity alone reduces Hadros’ turn 1 damage by 1500! 525 damage for deceleration is a fair trade, but 1500 may be a bit much. Although Ludia may have done the right thing with Hadros, they also introduced a bunch of incredibly strong uniques. Even if none of these countered Hadros directly, they’re still competing for the same spots on a team, so it’s usage will still go down. It’s that same cycle of nerfing the OP dino only to introduce a new OP dino that same patch. If Ludia had just kept all the uniques at around the same power level and not allowed power creep to happen, the meta would be much more diverse, and Hadros I think would be in just the right spot.

If Hadros needs a small buff now to be relevant, fine. Better yet, if some of these strong uniques could get nerfed back down to reasonable levels, it could allow Hadros to naturally emerge as one of the strongest dinos in the game again. But for now, I’m just glad it isn’t beating its counters, and we’re actually seeing different dinos being played for once. That said, Ludia should have given us a boost reset so they stop exploiting the neccesary balancing cycle.


I wouldn’t say it’s useless, but it’s not top 8 material.
Mine stayed until I could replace it.
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I think ill keep mine. Works well with my line up so far. Maybe thst will change when I get the new stuff to team level.

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You’re quite accurate. Hadros doesn’t really have Apex “stats and skills” anymore. Right now tenonto is a much better Hadros.

We’ll have to use it in our teams regardless and learn to live with it. Having tenonto on the bench, while he is a better Hadros hurts, xD


I would love more meta creatures. I have noticed(im sure you have to) that the top teams are almost identical in terms of creatures(not counting boosts) so this would definitely make the game more fun and more interesting mach ups.


Hadros is still very, very good

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I don’t think the rampage to an impact is really a big deal. It still has a rampage after all, and now it can slow on top of that so you have more options. It would be nice to have more anti-flock options though, so maybe group decelerating impact? But maybe the damage nerf was slightly too much? Though I’m not so sure. Remember as a resilient Hadros really should only be handily beating cunnings like Gorgotrebax or Erlikospyx, but definitely NOT stuff like Mortem, so it should only have enough attack to accomplish this. Plus the damage nerf only reduces it’s turn 1 damage by 525 if vulnerability is applied in both cases. Although if I had to choose between having an impact or having 1500 attack again, I would choose the 1500 attack since that’s also tied to it’s healing. But if something like Testa or Skoona ends up being so much better (not necessarily able to beat Hadros in a 1v1 though), then those dinos are probably ripe for nerfs as well.


Lux is definitely still strong, but i’m looking to replace it now as soon as I can. I have a 27 Testa waiting to get boosted, and hopefully leveled more, but I’d rather have a 27 testa than a 28-29 lux … As someone else said, it’s still super strong, but not a top 8 anymore and can easily be replaced now, but before it was pretty much a must have. I don’t like the decel tbh. It doesn’t do enough damage and doesn’t cleanse reduced damage. It’s just not pushing out enough damage anymore.

If it’s the only one, you’re lucky! I have Skoonasaurus, Testa, and possibly Phorurex (I want to try it so I can make my own opinion on this one), waiting for a boost reset and some spots in my team. So sure enough, Hadros is likely on it’s way out (It will be it’s 30th birthday soon, after a year :slight_smile: ) so will be sad to let it go but will likely need more than the spot given by Cera…

What if they made medium resilient counter actually cleanse distraction? This would affect hadros, Ankyntrosaurus (which probably could use a small buff), Skoonasaurus (which probably needs to be nerfed anyway, but this could help mitigate that), and Sonorasaurus (which may need a small nerf after or may be fine).

I fully agree with you. Now new Uniques, which can be fused with relatively common dinos’s DNA, such as Scorpio Gen 3, are more powerful than Apex. Hadros raids take long 4 rounds , and since the two last nerfings, its DNA rewarded does not live up to the effort. Regarding the lack of a boost reshuffle, it is utterly unfair with players. Since Unique DNA can be sold in overexpensive packs in the store, while Apex DNA can only be got by team effort, the message given to players is that the game is definitelky pay-to-win.


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