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Hadros Lux isn't on the calendar yet

@moderators, I’m not sure if Ludia plans to add Hadros Lux in on reset in 16 hours, but I just wanted to ask if you could pass on the word to make sure it is added tonight unlike how the Grypolyth boss was added last week. Most people in my region were asleep and when they woke up they didn’t have access to the boss. This is an Apex Boss and everyone should have access to it. There shouldn’t be any unfair advantage or head start this time like how some people got 200 Mortem DNA whereas others got 10 DNA. So please can you remind the Ludia Staff to add Hadros Lux to the event calendar during reset please. I’m sure Hadros Lux will be added to the event calendar on reset, but I just wanted to ask just in case. Thank you so much in advance.


Grypo spawned at 5 pm, my local time. Please introduce Lux before it.

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It’s probably not gonna show up on the calendar until Easter time. Thsi was a problem with grypo.

It still isn’t on the calendar. The Apex raids take long enough without having to stay up late for them to show up. Please fix.

@moderators, if they can’t manage that then at least give us a notice of when it’s going to be coming out. There will almost definitely be people staying up so they can have a go at it as soon as it arrives, and we don’t want to have to wait half a day extra again.

Saw the ingame notification. We have to wait for the reset tomorrow? Time zones exist, Ludia.