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(Hadros Lux Raid) Level 9 Inostherium, Level 13 Megalogaia, Level 23 Bajatonodon & Level 30 Thoradolosaur all contribute to take down Hadros Lux

Every creature used except Thoradolosaur was non-boosted. It took so long to figure out how to do this strategy, we originally tried with 2 level 6 rares and got to stage 4, however it was instantly ended on that stage. So this was the best raid we possibly could of done! I’d say it’s even better than the level 1 sloth as you can bring 2 low level creatures and a mid level creature!


Curious on the stats for Thora.
Care to share?

Do you have Thoradolosaur with 7005 health and 2841 attack? I need one right now.

That’s an awesome strategy, and much more realistically achievable than the other cheese ones. Kudos.


Hey @Qaw Do you have a beefy Thoradolosaur?

What other cheesy ones? I beat it.

Mine is level 21 lol. No one I raid with has one with that much HP. Are you sure that those stats are the minimum required?

I know a few.

15 in Attack, 13 Health, 2 in Speed.

@TheProC and friends have come up with strats to beat Mortem Rex with low-level Commons and Rares before, but with a team of 3 maxed or near-maxed level 30s. This one only requires one of those, which is hard to get, but less so.

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impressive. well done.


I guess one of those days, I’ll have to make Thor for myself instead of giving all the DNA away :slight_smile:

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Really awesome! I bet it took a lot of planning.

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This is amazing lol. I’m still waiting on the level one lythornax strat though

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Boosts on irritator?

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A basic mortem one works


Hey, Dysfunctional Dinos. That’s my Allaince. Pretty cool seeing it somewhere on the forums.

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no use to boost it a level 15 would work. mine was 14 so I put health boosts

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You folks just can’t stop flexing on the bosses right? :rofl:


No one invites me to these things. They just leave when they see I have a level 20 dinos but they got 9’s and are winning.