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(Hadros Lux Raid) Level 9 Inostherium, Level 13 Megalogaia, Level 23 Bajatonodon & Level 30 Thoradolosaur all contribute to take down Hadros Lux

I’d like to do some planned raiding with a good group. Let me know. My Thor is a 28, toura is a 26, tryo a 23, tenonto a 25.

I don’t mind helping you out, I got a 23 Tuo boosted Tuo, an irri suitable for most strats, a 22 Dilorach, and 22 Tryos. PM me if you want to talk a bit more.


Done and done

Need help with this as well please guys. I’m online everyday at this time. Can someone send me friend requests if you would like to help me with thisScreenshot_20201124-204626_JW Alive Screenshot_20201124-204632_JW Alive

image image

I’m IronCaptain 2540 if you need a 4th member for an apex raid have
Lvl 25
Boost 2hp 2 atk
Lvl 24
Boost 10 atk 2 hp 12 speed
Lvl 27
Boost 12 hp 4 atk

use all unique to defeat it

Necro-posting (reviving old threads).