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Hadros Lux reward 10 minimum

@E.D @J.C

Just a heads up, i’ve seen people show that the ingame infographics indicate that the minimum Hadros Lux reward is 10 DNA not 15 DNA like Mortem.

I have no idea if this is intended, of whether this means the min-max has not been aligned to be the same as Mortem, so I don’t know if the max is big again.

Can we have this confirmed as to what it is meant to be because really it should be the same as Mortem Rex.


I was just gonna post about this I just noticed this


We sent a request, let you know if and when I can.


Please make sure to tell them to check the bonus DNA chances as well, cause I have a feeling they are using the original raid template :wink:


Shhhh this is my chance to get lucky my current highest on apex is 30

You misunderstand the issue. The bonus quantity is set at the rarity level separately from the base DNA quantity. For Apex raids, there are three individual bonuses of 5 DNA each. This mean that (as of of this moment) the maximum possible DNA from a Lux raid is 25 and the average is ~10.68. It’s the worst of both systems.

In other words, the old system had low chances of higher rewards. The new system has high chances of lower rewards. This erroneous Lux system has low chances for lower rewards.

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Or if it is the old template then that would obviously aggravate the gap between Apex and non-Apex even more so. We can’t have that, which is why this needs to be fixed.

@J.C no news yet?

I can see at multiple forums that a lot of players got 20/25. What should be the min and max reward for Hadros Lux?

I think it got fixed because I got 15 and others got 20.

So I guess it got fixed but Ludia gave no Update to the Mods to tell us.

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So far, 7 so far in my alliance and everybody had 15 or 20 Not one single 10 or sadly, higher than 20 :slight_smile:
So, yep, maybe it’s fixed?

Sadly I got 10

Have to ask (hoping)… Was it very very early this morning? We just did ours, so maybe they fixed it during the day?

It has been fixed, sorry was away most of the day yesterday guys.

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It’s great that its fixed but that’s a bit late for those of us who only got 10 !

They’ll probably tell you to write into support. who knows maybe you’ll get an extra inc for the inconvenience, at least doubling the wrong rewards up to a more acceptable range.

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I got 25!!!


Please forward this issue to Ludia. We are not beta test players. If the minimum is 15 and some of us got 10, they need to fix this completely and not just fix and who got 10 remain in disadvantage for someone incompetence…

Tks for your attention

Yes, we still haven’t heard back from the support about the 10 DNA.

Did they send an answer to someone who send the support an email?

Guys, if they did nothing about people getting 100+ Mortem dna they aren’t going to do something about a measly 5 Lux dna.