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Hadros Lux reward 10 minimum

There is a big difference between random advantage they wanted at the start and disadvantages because of a bug coming from their mistakes, there is no way you can compare the two.

What you are saying is they should take back the money people win in casino, because it’s unfair for the other.
But the tax you pay wrongly, it doesn’t matter, next time we try to calculate your taxes correctly.

Also, we did contact the support because we were told to signal it in this forum, and we would like an answer.

Did someone know how long it take for the support to answer usually?

Still waiting for an answer from support.


I’m still waiting for an answer too.
I got the standard ‘we are receiving more than usual etc…’
4 days later still no reply

Support only answer when they want and only if they want… In addition, answers are often useless. This is Ludia’s conception of customer service.

Same here…

Nothing has been done about some getting 100 twice on Mortem and others getting 10’s… And suddenly staying ages behind… Probably wont do anything about it either

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Have to say that, for once, costumer support worked. Got my 5 Hadros Lux DNA back. :+1:

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Nice congrats! Hope you don’t use Thor for Lux though.

my group does. 2 thors to be exact. back to the drawing board.

Yeah mine too. Well at least the nerf on Toura doesn’t affect my Mortem raid!

i was thinking dual damage buff (irritators or tryos) plus max may be a way to skirt around it.