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Hadros Lux rework and other discuss

Since i seem Hadro Lux are a little Weak compared other Apex in general and Healer Non-Hybrid! So i rework it for a little buffed!

what do you guys think?


Hadros Lux is most certainly not underpowered. It’s very, very good the way it is.


I wish I could help but I don’t know a thing about creature stats and resistances and all that, not exactly my strong-suit


Hello! I’m your big fan!!! So nice to actually chat with u!!


Hi! Thank You? Sorry, I don’t know how to respond to this or many other compliments since its a first for me lol, glad you like my art!


I tho Hadros are abit worse than other apex? cuz other apex such as Mortem and Trebax has they own special Ability, Ceramagnus at least has one Signature ceratopsian ability and one(Group Speedup) that Only using for the Touramoloch(Super-Hybrid) before! Hadros Lux should have something special for it!

Yeah no problem!!! I wish i could gave u thousand of “heart”!! I really love your Drawing style! They a great Combination of Cute,Cartoon and Realistic!!!


This is my ground to talking about the Hadros Lux not your ROMANTIC FILM :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hadrox Underpowered?

I use it in 5600 without boosts and it is quite disturbing for some.boosted 29ers

I found other boosted Hadrox and for sure is a really good machine.


That’s wasn’t what i really mean :sweat_smile:
LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

I think he want Hadros an special Ability? He try to gave her Clease Impact and Maximum Emergency Heal! Idk! I think the rework seem a bit Op but still looks okay in a edge!

It’s basically one of if not the 1v1 king although I think other can confirm or fix this statement but underpowered is definitely something it’s not. The few things that can stop this herbivore are shields and Rend +no escape.


I’m got it! Thanks

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What special ability? Some people don’t stop to think a little bit.

She already has…

  • Decelerating counter attack (x0,5)
  • Resistance to distraction
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to deceleration
  • High HP
  • Two Rampages
    (one of them suitable for cloakers and fast chickens)
  • 1 instant priority move to recover health (3000 recover on level 26 wihtout boost… imagane with 1800-2000 attack).
  • a resilient basic attack.

Maybe this isn’t enough…


It doesn’t need a unique ability to be good. Actually, Gorgotrebax is the only one with Unique abilities (it has 2).

Lol yeah it doesn’t really need a rework

I’m going to terrorize the arenas with this monster :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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I might wrong! I was think apex should hav they own moves! Like Mortem? She also have “Roar”! A little stronger to DSS. And yeah i think i’m wrong…

I think healing to full health is a bit overkill, since the normal GEH basically does that anyway.

My own suggestion or something akin to it I think would be a little better

The strengh of a dino is not only based on abilities but resistances and immunities.