Hadros Lux VS Ankylos Lux (JWA Battles #28)

Glowing dinosaurs are cool. BIG glowing dinosaurs are cool. These two are the largest of the large… and they’re herbivores. Armored herbivores. (or so one of them says…)

Hadros Lux, Bulky Light.

And Ankylos Lux, Curved Light.

Welcome back to another episode of JWA Battles… today we find out which of these “armored” herbivores deserve to be called the champion. In case you haven’t read the last one:

Alright let’s get to the boring stuff. Examination.

Hadros Lux
(note that is is NOT an official Hadros render)

Hadros Lux:
This creature is… weird to say the least. Now, it does have an official size, and it’s way larger than any other hadrosaur, obviously. If I took this estimate literally, I can now assume it can run up to 25 MPH, or about 40 KPH, and it’s capable of fending off potential predators via its tail and hard head. Seriously, look at it. Doesn’t look like you’d wanna get hit by it. Now, I can’t tail if that sail on its back (is it a sail?) Is a vulnerable spot or a spot for protection. But for the sake of argument, it’s gonna be a protective barrier. And that’s about all there is to it. Headbutting, semi-stomping, fast, and armored herbivore.

Ankylos Lux
Weirdly enough, this one has an official render but no official size. So for the sake of argument, like the Hadros Lux, a good amount larger than an actual ankylosaurus, even though, it’s probably not even that much bigger, given Bumpy is involved in the fusion and all the other stuff… but at the same time, how do all these things make a Lux? Anyway, the basic toolset of the ankylosaur is here. Extremely durable armor, a strong tailclub. The only problem is that it’s slow and is vulnerable if flipped over, kinda like a turtle. There wasn’t really much to talk about, but it’s for the most part, a regular, boring old ankylosaur.

And now… we get into the fight. This battle will take place in an open forest, giving Hadros some movement options, and both parties will be blood-lusted to ensure a maximum effort battle. Let the battle begin!

The camera is seen zooming i- why is the camera zooming in? Zooming in on Hadros Lux, who is munching away at a bush. Now you would think Ankylos Lux would waltz in there and get angry for no reason… but surprise, surprise, on the other side of the bush, there Ankylos was. It was a peaceful confrontation until a random drone (where did it even come from?) appeared and shot Hadros, injecting it with raptor DNA to increase aggression. Somebody REALLY wanted these two to fight, eh?

Well, anyway, Hadros then headbutts Ankylos, very much annoying it. It was officially on. Ankylos answers back by swinging its tail at Hadros, but Hadros dodges and hits Ankylos with another headbutt, this time knocking Ankylos back. Ankylos swings again, with Hadros dodging yet again and this time using its head to “uppercut” Ankylos. Ankylos then swings its tail faster, only to be blocked by Hadros’ back.

Hadros then performed the 8 attack animation that hadrosaurs use in JWTG. Not quite prepared for this, Ankylos took every hit to the head, and Hadros finished with a headbutt to know Ankylos off balance. Despite the blows it’s been taking, Ankylos seemed to be unfazed. Not even barely unfazed, COMPLETELY unfazed.

Hadros then ran towards Ankylos for another headbutt, but Ankylos smacked Hadros with its tail, not hard enough to kill Hadros, but hard enough to send a message. But the still agressive Hadros keeps on headbutting and minorly annoying Ankylos. Ankylos was going easy at first, but now, it was just as bloodlusted as its old friend.

Ankylos used its tail to try and crush Hadros, but Hadros dodged and a small crater was formed from the impact. Hadros ran to ram Ankylos, but was met with a hard tail swing to the crest, which protected its skull. Hadros broke free from the clash and landed another headbutt, with Ankylos trying to swing again, but missed again.

As this cycle repeated for another 10 minutes, Ankylos became more and more annoyed. Obviously, there was no way for Hadros to deal sufficient damage. But Hadros was a bit too quick. So Ankylos had to actually change tactics here. Hadros went in for another headbutt, to which Ankylos turned around to block with his armor, and finally, made one more turn to hit Hadros with his club, finally ending the duel.

Hadros lied on the ground, unconscious. Ankylos walked over to the body of its old friend, and was about to kill him, but realized he didn’t have to. If Hadros went bad again, Ankylos wouldn’t have an issue taking him out again. So he just went back to the bush… and the camera zoomed back to the drone, with a dark figure slamming his desk.

Yeah I don’t know what you expected to happen. I avoided mentioning weaknesses in the pre-analysis, but come on. You don’t have to do ANY research to realize just how outmatched Hadros is here. The only advantage Hadros has is speed, which doesn’t matter because it lacks weapons to utilize that speed, not to mention how big it is anyway. Hadros just has no way of harming Ankylos, even if it COULD flip Ankylos over. Even though it’s technically 100%, I have to be fair. 90% of the wins go to Ankylos Lux, obviously. Biggest stomp of the series.


Next time…

Two legendary powerhouses face off…


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What is the official size of Hadros?

Also, nice battle, and I am interested to see how the rematch goes.

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image is tiny on my end so let me know if it needs a resizing

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Tyrannolophosaur ftw

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