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Hadrosaur strike tower should of ended in draw


On my last ditch effort I bled the last dino who took out my spino and then died of bleeding but instead of ending in draw it ended in defeat. I believe I was wronged.


It always does this, I have lost epic incubators to this. The only requirement to win these events should be “Take out ALL enemy Creatures” instead of “Take out ALL anemy Creatures AND survive”. Thats just rude tho.


That stinks. But it does say you must win.


In those strike towers there is no draw option. You either win or you lose.

Even if you bleed out their last dino, since you lost 3 it means you lost. I know it sucks but that’s how those towers work. Maybe they’ll implement a draw feature in a future update to make this better? Who knows.

But for now, my only complaint is that “should of” is not even a thing. It’s “should have” and I can’t understand why so many native English speakers are so bad at this. Even if you argue and say you meant to say “should’ve”, that contraction is between the words “should” and “have”. Btw I’m a school teacher so this bothers me even more.


The same thing happened like 3 times to me. It’s an unfair feeling.


So funny. I was thinking about commenting on the “should of” as well, then a post comes in that uses “like”. Now I’m conflicted.

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