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Haha. A level 1 sloth helped defeat Mortem. Haha

Haast Eagle Gen 2? You’re still using that strat? Pfft, clearly you have not updated to 2.1 where the level 1 common sloths can help beat Mortem…


Finally, a dino I can use to help me win! :joy:


Lol it’s legit a meme at this point


Honestly it seems like the hardest part about beating Mortem is finding high-level friends


does anyone know when it spawns. I saw one but it was it was too far away and haven’t caught it in a giga yet.


that’s why things like irritator are so valued. Irri brings down the needed levels and boosts of the rest of the team.


Leaves falling in a beautiful flutter, that sloth gracefully dancing at the sound of dramatic music… I… I can’t


So what do you guys want me to do next? Level 11 Procerathomimus? Something like that? lol

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It spawns in Local 3 at day time, good luck!


Oi, Hundy is a good lad, plus everyone’s sloth is level 1, Hundy could have level 30 creatures? Probably not, but I know he is not a noob as he participates in raids with creatures like tenonto, phoru, etc.

Do you think literally anything could beat Mortem with that support team, or do you need distraction?

Depends on how good the creature is I guess, Batman beat Mortem with his level 30 t rex and that doesn’t have distraction, but for the low level strats, the creature basically needs both distraction and evasive to survive.


In that case, I can’t think of anything more hilarious than the level 1 sloth


The only thing I don’t get is that not only was Haast Gen 2 not nerfed(Instead buffed) but they also add a common that can evade and distract in the same move. Plus Haast Gen 2 is available on Wednesdays, when Mortem is available… Coincidence?

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lol, last update Deinonychus was the closest, the only problem was that its distraction had a cooldown and it could not evade and distract in the same move, that’s why I never ended up trying it, but this sloth, haha, this is so funny honestly.

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If a level 1 sloth works, why would you use one that was higher level? If a level 19 Irritator works, why would you use one that was higher level?
Sure they’re contributing less resources during the duration of the raid, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good player.

You just come off as being resentful because you used loads of resources to beat Mortem when someone else didn’t.


Why would anyone be salty and toxic in this thread? No-one warranted it so no-one has a reason be toxic. I guess people just want to start drama for no reason.

I think it’s GREAT that people are finding new methods for bosses and showing that anyone can actually beat Mortem if they have the right team.

But hey lets be toxic towards each other instead.


No no, they are my friend lol, they were joking, he’s been in plenty of my low level raids lol with his high level phoru or tenonto and he helps many people daily, I promise he is just joking lol.

Exactly. I thought this community was about helping promote all players.

I’m in local 3, yay.

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