Haha haha haha, I have sooo many coins!



I would donate some if I could :wink:

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I gained about 100 in the tourney or something I think lol. Thanks XD

I’m so jealous

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Me 50 i was on 309

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Go me!
I’m now on a full 300!!

I’ve gotten down to a single coin before. I took a screen shot, but it was on my older phone. :frowning:

Oh wait, I had 0! Forgot I posted it on my alliances private topic. Lol

I had 0 when I leveled up Puru. :laughing:


Favorite snack, JWA coins. Maybe she thinks the coins are made of chocolate. :wink::sauropod:

My current coin count is over 20,000.

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A couple of weeks ago I had ONE coin lol

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