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Hahaha Crazy hybrid time

Come and let’s create the craziest and scariest hybrids of all time

Make it to where the game goes from unverified to JWA, and then choose whatever category you think fits the page. Anyways, here it is.


That’s would be be so crazy and everyone would hate it

And if it did become a thing I think people would go crazy cause it has a swap In that does damage and nullifys. You could read a someone and just destroy them hopefully ludia doesn’t see this


Hey Ludia. Can we please put this in game? I know a lot of people would love to have this

Y would you do that tho. There gonna come and be like haha this is a great idea!

I mean you made it so it can’t be speed decreased. To this I say no

I know. It’s a good plan for them. Implement OP hybrid, people boost it, complain, and it gets nerfed to the ground. Good ole bait and switch

Yea I mean they have done that many many times before so they would probably do this

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I mean look at the old Yoshi, Draco and Indo gen 2. That took forever. Although with Ardent that didn’t last too long, and it was mainly how boosted it was that broke most of them

Yes that it is very true. I remember everyone using yoshi and it was so broken and the same with indo gen 2. But maybe just maybe they won’t do it with gemini

Geminititan is actually pretty balanced


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How’s this?


This is ceramagnus+Mortem rex. Enjoy!


This just hybrid

Lol i forgot this a Apex

Maybe this one

The craziness it’s it’s killing me

Hahaha :rofl: i know