Halbanet epic weapon issue

First rank of halbanet weapon give a random character 1 round of Rez if that character die.

The issue I have with this item is let say it proc it goes on a random hero. And as soon that character turn come up it gone. So if there no enemies turn in between it useless. I suggest as a fix either give 1 more round if it on someone other then halbanet or make it so it last until next turn for halbanet

Yeah. It’s not much good till you get it to level 3 or 5.

I just got it to 5 (3 turns!!)

Can’t wait to get it to level 7 though, then it becomes a 50% chance.

The 50% 3 turn chance is crazy in the Arena. So many comeback wins, or losses if my opponent has it. I think it is stronger than the Legendary.

Very useful thread, just got it level 1 and was really triggered by it procing but never actually doing anything.

Gettingit to level 3 would take quite a while in F2P, I’m afraid.

Getting more epics slowly gets easier and easier, as you can pass stronger challenges easier and have a chance to roll larger.

An event a few weeks ago I got a 12 x 2 for it. So that was a nice upgrade to it