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Halbenet Moment of Glory at Frostsilver Mines (Wednesday August 21 7pm EST - 9pm EST)

This is happening right now. I didn’t get any advanced notice because they didn’t post a list of events this week.

For strategies for this event, feel free to look through my previous thread: Farideh Moment of Glory at Frostsilver Mines @8pm EST August 7th (tonight)


I’m disappointed that there was no announcement of the upcoming events this week.

The social media accounts have been active but the one post of the week that was actually informative was not posted.

These events are clearly planned in advance, given in game notice with accompanying artwork.

For the past several weeks, most challenge events were announced on Monday (the moment of glories were sometimes a surprise). So the social media team clearly have the capability to prepare attractive and informative infographics.

What’s with the lack of the challenge event this week? Can’t take the feedback about VIP-only or EU unfriendly time zones?

It’s going to come regardless, since players like me document publically the events happening.

TL;DR communication of upcoming Challenge Events good, surprising players with no advance notice of events bad.

I was irritated by this as well, if there was a regular time for these events it wouldn’t be an issue, but this is a major issue if one lives in UK/EU time zones.

In the end it’s only frostsilver mines not hidden forge or harvest shield so no huge rewards lost. Also I think this game is near the end of its lifespan for me - level 11 characters close to 12, multiple legendaries for each & hitting 2400 in legendary arena/vault of dragons. I’m thinking of finishing the story mode soon when I can be bothered but I don’t know what else is there to be done so going to cancel my VIP subscription after the next decent legendary pack deal.

It’s a shame, great game marred by bugs and developer/announcement hitches and definitely not enough content to warrant playing long term and reaching the higher levels.

I think there should be new stories/quests at least on a monthly basis, and a regular day where you have gem/coin/XP events to get what you need as well as the moment of glory events. Other mobile games do so I don’t know why this one doesnt.

I got lucky and caught the event at 1h40min. Cleared it a total of 12 times. Made over 300 gems, 3k gold, and a good chunk of epics. Got really lucky

I ended up clearing 15 runs with 2 bosses defeated and 10 with 3 bosses defeated. I averaged out a 2-boss run in 3 minutes and a 3-boss run in 5 minutes. I lost some time not noticing the event had started, and posting this thread to the forums in case it helped some people.

I modified my initial approach to peak at room 7 to see if there were any secret doors before leaving the dungeon for my 2-boss runs.

My loadout was as follows:

  • Mage, Legendary Weapon (Range 3, AOE proc), Epic Hat (row AOE damage disarm) [my rare only hits 3 enemies but if it were higher level, I would have used the rare], Epic Book (AOE damage freeze)
  • Ranger, Epic Weapon (Range 3, row AOE proc), Legendary Hat (AOE damage), Rare quiver (DEF debuff) [I would have loaded legendary quiver if I had it]
  • Warlock, Epic Weapon (Range 3), Epic Hat [I would have loaded legendary hat if I had it] for stats, Rare Book (AOE damage)
  • and Halbernet with Epics across the board.

The basic strategy was to spam AOE to get through as many rooms as fast as possible.