Halbenet : Too good Not to use?

Purely wondering if i’m the only one thinking Halbenet is central to any adventuring party considering he’s the only decent source of Healing, especially considering the damage monsters dish out since most quests end up with them having 3 to 5 level above your characters.

Am i missing something from other characters that could warrant ever wanting to replace him or is he basically “the One” guy to have in every groups ?

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Hmm. Never travelled without him. And if he goes down the rest are quick to follow. Monsters scale faster than characters and still give no way of advancing. My whole group gets wiped by 2 lvl 9 rust monsters. I have lvl 6 ranger. The rest are 5.

You’re right! The moment you’re in a tough fight, you need him. His legendary weapon makes him a hard hitter who can stun…
Definitively a mvp!

For sure, if I’m doing anything other than the first challenge he has to be in the party, otherwise the party has no source of healing

The game is set with 2 of 4 different types (which varies a bit from how D&D categories)
2 magic users
2 damage dealers (rogue and ranger)
2 fighters
2 healers (Cleric and Bard)

I find that you need to have one healer if you aren’t overleveled. The Bard can be used in place of the Cleric and there are a few healing skills outside these two but for the most part you are married to having a healer.

I have found every character has a reason to use (I don’t have the barbarian but seen in PvP). The Wizard is my favorite but having a healer in dungeons is almost required. I don’t like how stealth works for the rogue no backstab or damage multiplier and has become my least favorite.

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As with most of the characters, it all depends on what gear drops for you. For me, the bardic healing item refuses to drop so my bard can’t heal.
My cleric is awesome with healing and regeneration.

I searched this and you have to tap around the character instead of on them

Agreed. Halbenet is essential for adventuring and in PVP I almost always lose if he isn’t in my roster, unless I way overpower the other side. My other almost always must-have is Shevarith as she is my big gun.

Mostly yes, though I have taken him out for gnolls since their targets can’t be healed. This still hasn’t helped me get through the gnolls, though