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Halbenet : Too good Not to use?


Purely wondering if i’m the only one thinking Halbenet is central to any adventuring party considering he’s the only decent source of Healing, especially considering the damage monsters dish out since most quests end up with them having 3 to 5 level above your characters.

Am i missing something from other characters that could warrant ever wanting to replace him or is he basically “the One” guy to have in every groups ?


Hmm. Never travelled without him. And if he goes down the rest are quick to follow. Monsters scale faster than characters and still give no way of advancing. My whole group gets wiped by 2 lvl 9 rust monsters. I have lvl 6 ranger. The rest are 5.


You’re right! The moment you’re in a tough fight, you need him. His legendary weapon makes him a hard hitter who can stun…
Definitively a mvp!


For sure, if I’m doing anything other than the first challenge he has to be in the party, otherwise the party has no source of healing