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Halbenet's legendary Talisman of the Moon

The description text is bugged. In Effect it says “[effect_restore_plural] Targets gain 10% BLOCK”. Also I think the restore and 10% block effects aren’t nearly as powerful as Halbenet’s epic Moonstone Pendant’s regenerate ability.

In explore and challenge modes you’d be right but in the arena the mass removal of can’t move and can’t attack is a HUGE advantage.

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It also dispels the 2-turn dominate that the Heartcoil boss does, which makes you a lot less liable to die in that fight!

If I have regen on I don’t care who gets dominated except for Tommus because the little man keeps giving the boss armor.

Hey Riemumieli, thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware of the text issue and it’ll be addressed soon. :smiley: