Halbernet's Legendary Weapon

Out of curiosity, do many people use it? I have him on level 12 and I am still using the epic weapon as I haven’t got his legendary weapon yet. Yet I find it hard to believe that it would be better in PvP.

Take my last match. Unfortunately I don’t have screen grabs but my opponent managed to take out the rest of my team. Halbernet managed to take out using his death ward ability to revive himself and healing, a level 11 Raika, level 11 Tommus, level 13 Shevarith and level 12 Calliope.

If my opponent is reading this, really bad luck mate, it was terribly flukey win, but it shows just how awesome his epic weapon is.

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I have the Legendary Mace and Shield. And went back to using the Epic Thigh Bone. Hal is dam near unstoppable with it. Especially if he’s your last character standing.

I think most people that have it use it, it’s simply much better than the legendary at high levels. I’ve had several battles when I won with just Halbenet vs 3 or 4 other characters. Death ward has got to be one of the most imba abilities in the game currently.

It’s odd that the Epic is so much better than the Legendary. Unless once the Legendary weapon gets to a higher level it gets a lot better.

I think the Legendary is also a great weapon and does have the appeal of better damage and can’t aid your opponent if they dominate your cleric. But I’m sure the designers didn’t realize the Epic would make him a 1 vs. 4 team killer. I think there should be a limit to how many times a character can revive or come back with lower stats then it would be great weapon but Legendary better. Honestly though either one can turn a game around.

I agree , I hate it when the opposing Halbenet wipes out my team, but I can’t help chuckling when it’s my Halbenet reviving and wiping out their team. Lol…

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