Hall of fame for dart scores

Hello. I have started a leaderboard for people to have their high dart scores admired.
Anyone can participate. I want to fill up this list with so many perfect scores and see a lot of new names on here.
Message me for the link to join my server or friend request me on discord at ProfessorKP#9556


Haha great idea

The darting score that I’m most pleased with was when I got ten direct hits and one more hit on a rare (no VIP).


Ooh that’s a good one

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Totothebird of Pooler GA with his stupid iPad first attempt.
Best he could do with my Galaxy S7 was 205ish.
He pretty much maxes everything and sucks the fun out of it.
But he is fun to have on Unique/Legendary/ and important Epic events
(They really need to make android devices just as good at darting)
I’d compete if we could ban iPads from the competition. LOL


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From last week’s event Seco

My score on commons is higher than all of those your screenshot shows. Pleas adjust to add my name accordingly


Now this is an all time high…lol

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