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Halloween 2018


Anyone else dressed up for Halloween?

Came into work dressed as Dr. Alan Grant, everyone comments on me being a “cowboy” except one fellow nerd who says “I feel like you’re about to give a lecture on dinosaurs.”


I’ll post pictures later, for now, enjoy my pumpkin carving:

How are you proud when u win with few levels higher than your opponent?

Removed photos containing my daughter, to adhere to forum rules

Mr Arnold!


Muldoon might have had the cool moment unfolding the stock, but Grant does get to use the SPAS-12 too.

“They’re breaking through the glass!”
“That’s… that’s a dinosaur!”

Got lots of compliments from adults and children alike. It was always nice when someone knew us by name and not just “Hey, they’re Jurassic Park!”


Man!!! you nailed it.
You are really a DINOSAUR MAN! Take a bow.


Your family wins Halloween!
Haha Your kid is going to be schooling us with Dino knowledge here pretty soon!

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I totally agree with Sammie.