Halloween deal

I bought the 49.99 deal and got no raptor smh. :rage:

What you got?

Diplocaulus 3370
Irritaor gen 2 2200
Gorgosaurus 200
Suchotator 370
gorgosuchus 21
t rex 323

I feel for you.

See my other thread where I mentioned Ludia to stop false advertising for exact same reason. (Ludia please stop making false advertisement!)

The people argued that its all clear but see just now new player got hit by same false advertisement.

I feel for you.

See my other thread where I mentioned to stop false picture for exact same reason.

The people argued that its all clear but see just now new player got hit by same issue.

And automated system is hidding my post everytime I give link or even not. LOL

I feel for you.

They are doing great in making new players fall for it.

Halloween themed epic incubator shouldn’t have anything but the themed dinos. Sorry they tricked you into that although the trex DNA was a small treat, still doesn’t warrant the price. Forgive my Halloween pun.


I really wish that the incubators that you buy gave you a set amount of dna, a requirement to divide that dna amongst x amount of dinos and then let you pick. The fact that you pay 50 bucks with crossed fingers is ridiculous. I understand in the ones you win and that are free, but if you’re paying money/in game cash you should be able to load up on what you’re paying for.

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Ouch… I assumed by the picture (I know I shouldn’t) that it was a Halloween incubator. Doubt I’ll be getting that one.

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This is the kind of incubator that 100% breaks the apple TOS. Maybe Google play too. Real money purchase. No odds stated for anything.


@Rpardo… Oh oh :astonished:… just think in other way around… use the hard cash and coins wisely! Level up dinos that yoh needed for battle. Make a wise decision…

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This is not a new player the guy was asking for his rewards for hitting 4250 in the last tourney…

To the op: Id be contacting support about those commons Ive never seen a Halloween incubator give anything but the “scary creatures” and I feel like there must be a bug to include those commons.

All that said the hard cash alone in this deal is worth the price of it. Coins and Incubator are essentially bonuses. This is equal to a level up offer with a better then normal incubator…supposedly.

I know we disagreed on this particular point previously, but on this one I def agree with you.

yeah. i get the real money vs in-game cash. it’s a gray area and google/apple could put a stop to it. we all know what’s going on there.

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false advertisement? Lol. So where exactly is the raptor on the image? This isn’t even related to what you were complaining about prior. Unless a picture of a pumpkin in your mind should guarantee raptor dna…

cool fat boy

You got Diplocaulus and some people still claim this is NOT false advertisement?

Lets look at the advert this time.

It’s called AN EPIC SCARE, which is clearly Halloween themed with the pumpkin and all. We all know what the Halloween themed dinos are and Diplocaulus is NOT one of them.

The advert also says: Grab Jurassic World’s scariest Epic creatures and everything you need to evolve them in the Epic Scare bundle.

So let’s see… Diplocaulus is not considered one of the scariest dinos and has not been represented in this weeks Halloween event. Also, Diplocaulus is needed to evolve into Diplotator, which is also not considered one of the scariest dinos and is also not featured in this weeks Halloween event.

There you have it, more evidence of false advertisement.

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aww. cute. ty! :slight_smile:

I think its a little early to call it that when A) this is one case of one person who was more upset he didnt get raptor dna until i told him he should contact support regarding the commons he got. And B) he did start a support thread where he was instructed to email support with more information by support here.

If there were more people claiming to recieve dinos in their incubators that where not on the scarly list and ludia was not responding to these threads at all Id be more incline to think this was more then possibly a glitch/bug…

now if more people show up getting diplos in their 50 dollar bundle then by all means its a bait a switch. Being the incubators were better last week when they were for sale for hard cash (bait) now their in a real cash bundle suddenly being worse (switch)

Wow. That’s a pile of awful.

Sorry for you as everyone else is :slightly_frowning_face:

Was going to buy this too actually but that’s put me off completely. A good thing as I shouldn’t really anyway having just last night done a level-up offer… but that’s made up my mind.