Halloween “Event”-Feels Something’s Missing

I’m glad Ludia decided to do a Halloween event. I like the fact they’re doing Halloween themed strike towers and Halloween themed scent capsule towers. As we all know, however, the “Birds” are also mixed in with this Halloween week. To me it just doesn’t seem right. This event doesn’t feel much like an event. It feels lacking.

I think a lot of us knew there would be themed strike and scent towers but we were also hoping to maybe see these themed dinosaurs spawning around us in every zone in the wild (zones still need to be rotated). I realize the legendary and unique ones are not going to spawn in the wild but what about the others? I just wish the event felt more like an event. The event seems to need to be a little bit more immersive.


My hopes were not up so I wasn’t disappointed. :slight_smile: i knew this event was less of an event and more of themed weekly

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I play other games, like most in here. When they have an event it feels like an event. I guess I was just expecting too much but I don’t think so. If you’re going to put on an event it should feel like that.


I’m not sure how else it could be done. I don’t want to see velociraptor’s with witch’s hats like a certain other AR game. Despite a couple hours out and a about I have yet to get a Halloween incubator and it’s a shame they don’t come up to buy in the store.

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I for one would love to see a raptor wearing a witch’s hat.

But there are numerous ways to make an event feel like an event. The music could be changed to a more menacing or eerie tone for one. If, i don’t know, questlines/ research were ever introduced, let us have “spooky” ones that lead to a Rex or a Baryonyx.


The easiest and most obvious way this could’ve (and should’ve) been turned into a real event would be to have a spawn increase of the spooky dinos. I think most people sort of assumed that would be a logical feature, as it is with other games of this genre. It just feels like Ludia really dropped the ball by not doing this. It really does just feel like another different weekly theme, and in my opinion, not even a good one at that.

Heres to hoping Ludia acknowledges the broad disappointment among its fans and corrects this…

Wishful thinking? Probably…

I had assumed that was going to be the case. I was rather surprised to see regular dinosaurs on the event supply drops. I really thought we would be getting the “spooky” list over the week.


With the color scheme change and the addition of :eagle:. I feel that at night this game looks a bit more like Halloween :ghost: even though this was implemented a while ago.

It does seem a bit confusing how something so obvious isn’t what they went with, doesn’t it?

“Vote for your spookiest dinos for our Halloween Event! Thanks! Now here’s a bunch of unrelated crummy dinos!”

Are we sure this wasn’t the April Fools event?


my guess is the birds are in it because they are Terror-saurs or something. And it’s still 9 days from halloween so maybe there’s cooler stuff coming closer to halloween.


I had big expectations ,my fault.I thought there will be pumpkins all over the place,not only cosmetic but gatherable (tiny sum of coins or DNA of Halloween Dinos).Bats everywhere and even a spooky song on the background.


Im probably being a little over critical of Ludia, but at a point where this game is starting to feel stale, I really thought this was going to be their big chance to draw me back in and it almost feels like a slap in the face to have the WORST weekly dinos during their first major event, with not much else of an event aside from a few extra strike events. At the very least it seemed like a total no-brainer to have increased spawns of the spooky dinos. Am I wrong? Am I just being a Debby Downer? I hope my judgement is premature and there really is more to come. I will apologize to Ludia if that is the case, I just feel let down by this so far.


Well when the survey went out for what dinos we wanted featured for halloween the pterosaurs didn’t exist. Heaven forbid Ludia left them out of the event! Probably meant some of the ones we voted for got dropped because of it.

I’m happy with the fact they are doing halloween stuff, but it doesn’t really feel anything special, it’s just scary themed dinosaurs… that’s pretty much it.

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only the 22nd. but yes it will be rather disappointing in the only thing they are going to do is put pumpkins on the incubators.

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Yes their first actual event, especially a HOLIDAY event (my personal favorite holiday to boot so this is extra extra disappointing for me) should have been much bigger and better done than this. There should be Halloween aesthetics all over the map, maybe little ghosts floating around and bats, black cats walking…idk. Pumpkins with coins like someone else said. And we should have gotten the spooky dinos for the weekly for sure. Or at the very least drastically increased their spawn rates. Not only did none of that happen, they gave us the worst weekly dinos yet. This event is total trash, Ludia completely dropped the ball and 110% guaranteed they will not fix it no matter how unhappy players are about it.


I said it before: Ludia is on a mission to push all their players away…and with this weekly event/dinos: convincing they are :-). Atleast most of the players that havent given up can take a breather and take this week off. Unfortunately for you as have vacation and probably wanted to hunt good weekly dinos. I feel bad for you

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the SDs are awful too. last week 90% of the rare ones were proceratosaurus. 90% of the epics were koolasuchus. and the same trend this week. 90% are purrassaurus gen 2. when they know the only useful one is apatasaurus :roll_eyes:

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The way this event has been done just feels bad. Like when I looked at this weeks featured dinos the first thing i thought was… this is because there giving us extra strikes and scents… cant give to much good dna.

I had hard cash ready for some scents instead i see their selling a standard 12 hour incubator this week labeled as a themed incubator with a picture of a creature i get in most of my incubators already…

I know the event just started but its not a good start… I hope it gets better but I dont expect it to.

Sometimes I wonder how a company can drop the ball so bad at times…but then again I just filled out a survey that essentially was do you like migrations or would you rather see the same exact dinos day in and day out. And are.you happy with the current spawns rates… my survey read like 1…1…3…1…1…1


I thought they said FEATURED CREATURES would also “have a hint of pumpkin spice” unitl halloween.