Halloween event (founded on gamepress)


Yup, thats seals the deal, im unlocking phorurex next week


Hopefully we will get 2 attempt for it, at least for the Legendary.

darting indo gen 2

carno for me and albert maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

scorpius gen 3 is hard to dart so definitely going for phorurex. the commons i go for mono and phoru. the rares are trex gen 2 and alberto. the epics are indom gen 2 and titanoboa. The legendary is indoraptor gen 2

I will go for scorpius gen 3, albertosaurus and indom gen 2

I’m 60 dna away from indoraptor Gen 2 so I’ll dart indoraptor Gen 2 as well

phorurex and scorp rex and boa , im coming 4 u



I dont know if i should go scorp or phoru, im unlocking phoru at the end of the month and i already have ingredients for scorp at 20 and 18

Scorpius G2 and G3?!? Wooo

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I like how a rare is more exciting than a unique😂

Definitely, I don’t have Indotaurus yet :laughing:

Very close to finishing SG3

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Right?! We literally get all the ingredients for Scorpius G3 in the same event! I’m so excited! I’ve already unlocked Phorurex, so I’m not really worried about that. Scorpius Rex G3? I’m actively raising her, so all my efforts are gonna be into that. The Rares are going to be so difficult. I’m hoarding Carnotarus but I need myself some Albertosaurs to prepare for the future hybrids. I’m actually sad that we aren’t gonna have Gorgosaurus this time - I need more of that for Scorpius G3.

The Epics are gonna be hard as well. I might just go for Scorpius Rex G2, but Indominus Rex G2 is good too.

Legendaries are not important to me. I would literally only justify darting indominus Rex just for anticipation of some random future hybrid that it might possibly sort of could make.

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gorgo is easy to find