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Halloween event ideas?


what do yall think Ludia has up their sleeves for Halloween? and is that why their is an epic shortage?..(for me anyways)


Change them all to skeleton/fossil dinosaurs for the day?


Another flyer event? That would be truly scary


Party hats! Party hats!


Whatever they advertise it to be, it will be wrong i’m sure. :nerd_face:


Christmas will be 12 days of epics i am betting😂


Hybrid hysteria? A strike tower based on the hybrids closest to the other towers’ themes. The end week tower would be a superhybrid at level 26. Off chance tower reward may include legendary DNA.


It would be pretty cool if they disable the zones for the day, throw in the “scariest dino polls” in the mix. Special Event three attempts on a “scary” epic, probably like Trex/Baryonyx/etc. Why not even throw in a wild Chris pratt, you find him and he gives you candy. Candy being either incubators, scents, cash, etc. We could use something new :grimacing:


LOL! A wild Chris Pratt!!! This MUST happen!!! :joy::joy::joy: