Halloween event time line

am i the only one who doesnt quite get how the timeline works? seems the overlaps throw me off a bit plus i completed two events today but wheres the third?

Another forum user (on another thread) reported a similar problem—they only found 2 of the 3 Strike Towers. This is the first time that Ludia’s stacked so many Strike Events back-to-back like this, so it’s possible that there’s some kind of glitch at work. It could also be that the two Common Strike Towers are exceptionally distant from one another, depending on your area…but it’s hard to say for certain.

As far as the schedule goes, don’t overthink it too much. It tells you how long you have to complete a particular event–nothing too fancy. For example, there’s an “experienced” level difficulty Strike Tower that’ll start on Thursday and run through Sunday. If you complete it Thursday, though, it’ll still appear on your map as an “invisible” or faded out Strike Tower through Sunday. For that matter, you could probably print it off and cross off the events as you finish them—or you could probably do the same thing in Paint or Excel.

Hope this helps, and hope you’re able to find that 3rd Strike event!

did you find the third? i travel 30 km’s to work. there was no third one anywhere for me

also, the first strike event on the timeline, does it only give a 5 min common scent?

This definitely is not what I faced today then. My rare strike (pteranodon) that claims to be 3 battles… was one

Very interesting and strange

actually ignore my last reply. i did the first tower which gave a small handful of DNA. i then did the bird tower which was cool. but thats all i can see for as far as the eye can see lol

So, I believe they are random… someone feel free to correct me here. I’ve oersonally gotten almost all 5m ones… with 1 epic scent and 1 rare over the course of all strike towers. I’m assuming that it is random bc others commented on getting epic scents out of the first strike… I got my first one last Saturday

Yeah, maybe Ludia changed the number of battles on the Pterosaur one without updating the graphic. Hard to say for sure. 🤷

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Fair enough, not a big deal in the long run

im just gonna view this whole mess as a random event gone south hahaha

missing strike tower, lame prizes. and now its possibly luck?

As far as I know, scent strikes themselves have always been luck… and this strike WAS NOT a jack o lantern so I believe it would function like any old scent strike tower

Looking at the picture again, it’s very misleading bc it shows a rare canister. So as an unawares person I’d assume we should get rares. I feel a mod would need to step in on this one

ok so i did the jakc-o-lantern tower. got raptor and sucho DNA. did the birds. got decent DNA. but thats all i see

Click on some greyed out towrs and look for:

It’s ludicrously easy so maybe you don’t recall even doing it. If that is not the case… possibly a bug is blocking yours from spawning.

everything in my current vacinity says terror strike. whats the minimum reward, rare scent capsule?

I got a 5 min scent sooo I’d say that’s the minimum

all in all its a fairly unexciting event TBH.

at least when PoGo had an event it was BIG, and you actually felt excitment.

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When I first read the event banner, I thought we’d see a week of spawn changes featuring the spooky Dino’s

yeah me too. i thought there might be like a different coloured dino or something. not that it can work the same way as Pogo in this situation cos you cant collect individual dinos, BUT they could have done something. increased epic spawn rates and migrated them daily. or removed zones for carno dino’s and made them appear everywhere etc.

anything. this just feels like normal play but with a pumpkin on a tower. and the prizes arent even guaranteed so… bah

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