Halloween Event?


With the recent poll out, asking us to choose between a few dinosaurs on which ones are scary, could it be possible we may see a Jurassic Halloween?

Now I’m not thinking like dinos in costumes (though it’d be hilarious to see one of those inflatable Trex costumes running around), but in terms if what we got to vote on, could we possibly see those dinos for October’s Events? Makes sense, right? Save all the “spooky scary” dinos for the one time if year macabre things are normal?

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing a Jurassic Halloween? Maybe have little pumpkins and other decor littered on the maps? Perhaps creepier time of day backgrounds? Just little cosmetics that’d be a nice little touch. Maybe Irex/raptor shadows lurking around?

…I think I gave myself nightmares on that last one XD


I was just going to create a topic on this subject but thought I’d check first.
I was thinking same thing I wondered why they wanted to kno what was the scary dinos. And now it’s nearly Halloween I put two n two together.
It would be good but instead of regular event style make them double dart hit points or somthing.
They could be possibly cooking up some crazy hybrid out the most picked Dino to catch straight from stops idk looking forward to finding out :+1:t2:


i would rather have peek-a-boo treasure box and bam you have a unexpected dino fight. Win it, get a special incubator.


Orange strike events filled with dinosaur skeletons to battle.


I still want a Tryostronix. Nothing says “Halloween” like a good ol’ Zombiesaurus.


Man I really hope they make special events for Halloween and other holidays. Something we’ve never seen before would be totally cool.


Pretty sure that’s the intention with the survey… Halloween my favourite time of the year will even be better if its jurrasic :jack_o_lantern:


I vote to have these spawn during Halloween