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Halloween Master Strike

So we have pretty solid confirmation on what the Halloween Epic Strike will be:

Indoraptor Gen2
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex Gen 2

ALL are level 30!!! :scream:. Yes that’s 4 lvl 30 dinos.

So yeah… We’re doomed :joy:


We cant beat them?:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I’m not saying we can’t beat them. I just think we’re going to have to get creative in out strategy.

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I’m kinda upset now. There is no way i’ll be able to beat it. Even with boost 1.0 stats.
Unless this is some kind of prank by Ludia.

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Why can’t we do that?

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If my kapro still had its former boost stats, it would have gotten rid of at least one of those and then leave the rest to erlidom and spyx (which would have been 7/7/6 too by now).

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Im doomed cus all i have is some level 22,23 dinos and only 4 at 24 im 100%unboosted and i will remain like that even if i cant beat those kind of Strike events

Go to @Rctuga

What?! 4 ?!

OMG, I need a hug…


I know we at GamePress are already trying to work out a strategy and attempt to get a guide out on it. This is def going to be a tough one though!


only time imma say; I miss the old boosts. Nah, but this’ll be a challenge and I love me a good challenge :smiling_imp:


You and chris_perez and @Fiskmasen_SWE gotta figure out your avatars. So confusing!


Someone please post a video. We need those now.

This is going to be the small version I’m going to play on Halloween to fit the theme. Should be fun.

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Well Hersh (Chris Perez) has left, so that sorts one of the seagulls out.
And there’s a subtle difference between the other two, so I’m sure you’ll be ok Tielenaar
Welcome back by the way :wink:

Is Chris banned?

Good luck with that then dude!

No he did a leaving thread

if you’re suggesting we should change profile pictures, then i am not changing mine, i’ve had this profile picture for literal YEARS now (atleast on my google/youtube/chrome and steam accounts), and i am planning on keeping it for as long as possible!


Oh shame…

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No I’m suggesting a fight to the death. Duh