Halloween or One Time?

So as you can see in the corner I’m super close to my next one time offer. I’m not sure if I should just buy the Halloween special instead (same value just I’ll know what I’m getting) or take my chances on the offer in hopes of desperately needed Monolophosaurus I need to level Monomimus. What would you do?

In my experience OTO = :poop: + :moneybag:

If you’re sure you wanna spend, I’d go the Halloween route

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do you want trex and gorgosuchus

or 2 of
secodontosaurs, koolasuchus, concavenator, spino gen 2?

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Just keep in mind those are not the same scary incubators ludia were selling last week for hard cash… early a guy got diplo and irritator gen 2 and he emailed support and they told him working as intended

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Seriously?? It’s not a Halloween incubator deal??

Its seems to benthe same except for the commons… notice how it says scary epics… the rares seemed to line up with scary too… but if your hoping for raptor dna… not likely lol

Ugh I was.

Yeah support told them they never said it was just gonna have scary creatures… shameful tactic to basicly push an incubator for a week then put a new deal with an identical looking incubator… but the normal trash commons…

Seriously. IT HAS THE PUMPKIN ON IT. That’s absolutely despicable.


Yeah pretty much any good faith they had from me from this event is gone… cause they used the event for a bait and switch… like they couldnt help but going back to be ludia…

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And to think I apologized to them.

That’s made my mind up definitely not buying one I was really close as well lol they can run and jump :grin:

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Imagine how i felt, i literally defended them in that thread saying it was most likely a bug or glitch, thinking no company could be so underhanded… told the guy to email support.

Scariest epic “and everything you need to evolve them”.

So… based on the text that is displayed… If you pay… you should expect to get the Scariest (event) Epics and “everything” you need to evolve them. Hmmm. That seems pretty cut and dry. You get the Epics and “everything” to evolve them.

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing here too. And what I don’t get is they would make the same amount of money or more if it actually had the DNA they know we expected in it. But after pulling this not only will people not buy a second, but people reading about it on forum and social media won’t buy a first AND people will be so disgusted with this garbage business tactic, they won’t buy in the future during events or otherwise. It would have taken nothing away from them to keep it the scary creatures. It still costs the same amount. So what was the point? Now they will lose money and players are disgusted with them. I’ll never understand this company’s business practices or thought processes.


Yeah… and their basically saying they never said its just the scary creatures in that bundle… they could have used another pic to prevent any confusion but they hoped for that confusion…

We’ve been having incubators with pumpkins on them for two weeks that ONLY contained the scary creatures. They knew darn good and well we would think that’s what was in this one.

my commons were like 6500 suchomimus, 41 (:joy:)allosaurus, then 3800 apatosaurus and 3800 stiggy gen 2

@TyrannosaurusLex you’ve used a lot of halloween scents correct? have you ever gotten a trex spawn from one at night? ran into a 290/300 indoraptor fusing :sob:

Yes I have.