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Halloween scent not changed?

When I check the halloween scent I get this. But shouldnt it be updates now after the update?

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I’ve got the same one too. Someone else has said they’re getting other dinos. I suspect that due to some glitch, the people who were here last year are still getting last year’s scent. Were you here for last Halloween?

Same here, and still shows the same too.

I started playing last halloween but the 2 halloween scents I currently have are from today and yesterday

I didn’t played last year, got mine yesterday and just now too.

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Perhaps it depends when you received it; if it was before the update it will be the old creatures but any new ones will be the new creatures.

No, I don’t have any Halloween scents from last year. Still old stuff though. From what @Francisco_Maia’s saying, that hypothesis wasn’t right–That player wasn’t here last year, but still has the old stuff. Maybe I misunderstood… Maybe that other player I mentioned with the new scent got the info from a datamine and also has the old scent as well. :joy:

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@Ned do you mayby have any info about this matter. I also cannot seem to find the old announcement in which this change was made public

I will inform our team. :thinking:

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It has been fixed now. Thx for that @Ned

But just out of curiosity. Why does kelenken have such a low spawn rate in comperison with the other rares?


I like the “massive” increase in Indominus G2 spawn rate though!! 1.51 instead of <1.00 :rofl:


Wait when adding all percentages you get without kelenken and allo g2 already 100%. So does this mayby even mean that they arent even in the scents?

The scent has a to low drop rate…clicked over 228 stops and till now no scent…