Halloween scents.. 200 cash

Does the 200 hard cash work out a good deal for the new scents…

And could you get indom and indo spawn from them?


We really need a laughter emoji on the like/heart button.

Why… I don’t see how it’s funny?

Last one I got spawned 3x Velociraptor, 3x Tanycolagreus, 2x Allosaurus, 1x Spinosaurus(rare), and 1 Gorgosaurus.

I doubt it will spawn legendary dinos but that would be cool.

I’m wondering why did we vote for indom and indo then? When do we possibly get a chance to get them?

Probably going to fight them on Saturday based on the event schedule.

They never said we would get them although I hope we do!

These scents are decent if you need spino, gorgo, or velociraptor dna… if not then there probaly not worth it because the highest weve seen so far on the list is rex and its not guranteed… so far ive only gotten rares and commons.

Will we get Raj?

For 200 dino bucks it’s not bad if you need lots of raptor DNA, which I do.

The Halloween incubator is good value for money. You get 120 darts, in addition to the standard 140, plus 61 common DNA plus Halloween scent capsule (even though it isn’t guaranteed, it was in both incubators I purchased). First time got 61 Tanycolagreus DNA, second time I got 61 Velociraptor DNA, so quite happy. Halloween scent capsules are also great, last one gave 4 Gorgosaurus, 3 Velociraptor, 1 Spinosaurus and 1 Tanycolagreus, all very useful. So, all in all, this is surprisingly a good buy!

That was nice you got more rares in that one then i did in my last 3. Lol

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