Halloween Scents - are ghostly

Anyone else having trouble finding these seasonal scents? I’m maxing out my supply drop rewards and still did not get the scent two days this week. The ones I did get, were just before the drop reset.
Historically, I typically get these scents almost immediately, within 20 spins or so. Not even close to the hundreds of spins it’s taken this week.

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I got one the first time i spun one, you have to be in the max reward range i believe

First day couldn’t get one for love nor money, and I hit supply drops pretty hard, since then got it each day, a couple fairly early.

Maybe you already have your max of 2?

Been getting them every other day so far. Today was the first time I didn’t have to spin a county’s worth.

First day I managed to get one fairly easily

Second day I got absolutely nothing even though I spent basically the whole day spinning the 8 or so stops around me.

And then in the following days I’ve managed to get them fairly easily again.
Edit: I jinxed it because there’s no scent in sight today

Have to keep spining. This happens