Halloween strike tower

So where was it today? I did the pterosaur tower and the scent capsule tower, but I couldn’t find the halloween event tower. I know it was only a common easy tower, but still. I could’ve used that 15 dna for velociraptor. Lol

Those were the halloween towers, the ones with a pumpkin on them.

And they rewarded a scent capsule? Poke fodder did the pumpkin strike tower and got a tiny amount of dna. The only common strike tower I did gave me a scent capsule.

There was a rare pterosaur strike, a scent strike, and a terror strike(common)

Yeah, i’m saying I didn’t see any terror tower. I drove all around town looking for it.

I battled once in the Halloween strike tower which was an easy one. The incubator had a Jack-o’-lantern on it. I got Allosaurus and Suchotator DNA.

I got Raptor and Gorgosaurs DNA.

But in any case, I’m still mad that I couldn’t get to the poll in time: my responses would have been

Indoraptor – through his behavior and design alone. Not through fighting capabilities, as the only time I have fought it through that first Indoraptor Strike.

Diplotator – because of her looks. I mean seriously - LOOK AT HER! :confounded:

Spinotaraptor – Anything mixed with a raptor is dangerous… That thing makes you bleed, and it don’t give a crap.

Indominus Rex – for the same reason above. But like, have you seen JW? If you haven’t, then get out of my face. She is terrifying :tired_face:

Tryostronix – that thing looks like a living zombie that has come to feast on our flesh; WHY HAS NOBODY DECIDED TO HAVE THIS COME OUT?!

But those would’ve been my answers. I would love to see a Tryo here.

i did the pumkin tower. got raptor and sucha DNA. small amount. Did the birds. but cant find the third anywhere. 30kms and not in sight

I got allosaurus and suchatator as well