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Halloween Zombie Dinos in JWA!

Was playing strike tower this morning and got the SSL certificate error from Ludia (why does it ask me to check my clock for that?). Anyway, the game crashed out and I had to renter. As soon as I did I saw that the Tany I had just beat had come back to life, with 0 health - ZOMBIE TANYCOLAGREUS!!

I immediately went for the attack, but ghosts had possessed my game and my dino started battling all by itself. Turns out that it was somehow replaying the game without me. It got to the point it crashed (though I had taken more damage than originally) and let me have control back.

It was, let’s say ‘interesting’ to witness. Thankfully it was a low-level battle, so I still won easily, but could see where this could really mess someone up.


I like that story! I’ve been disconnected during a match and had to watch the battle play out. But your halloween zombie dinosaur story way more fun!

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