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I was thinking, why don’t you put a special dinosaur on Halloween?
I don’t know, giant Bat style
I was looking for prehistoric bats and found some interesting things
could it work?


That could be interesting. I was looking for more, and stumbled onto this.


that’s a Yi-Qi

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I would love a giant prehistoric bat in game not even gonna lie

Nice to see you @MyFishDrowned, seems like it’s been a long while or maybe I’m just getting older :wink:
Something new and different would be great, love the creativity!

Desmodus draculae

If I don’t get it wrong, we had an attempt on darting Indor at Halloween last year.

Lord Lythronax?

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Not scary at all!

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I think a prehistoric bat could work. She will fit right in with the rest of the flyers. :slightly_smiling_face::bat:

Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I would really love to see this happen. :jack_o_lantern:

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Onychonycteris would fit right in, they’re the bats from Ark.

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