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HALP I’m confused


Okay so I posted for team advice recently, but I have a bunch of new potential evolves. Which of these do you guys think are worth the evolve, and in what order? Including a picture of my current team for reference. TIA!!


Well, at this point, I think Dracoceratops is hands down a yes. Level her up!!


Im not mad… just disappointed. :wink:



Tyro and tryanno. At one point I was planning to level tyranno to mid 20s but dilo 2 was so hard to find back then. Now with them being everywhere I say go for it! Plus at 20 you can work on the unique if you like.


Hey Ngill, I would level up Dracoceratops first to maximize the damage of its Swap In Ability. Tryostronix is another good option as well because of its immunity and high potential damage output. I have my Spinotasuchus at a lower level since I’m only utilizing him for his DoT abilities and fast speed. If you have enough Tenontosaurus DNA, consider levelling up Tyrannolophosaur so you can start creating the unique hybrid Tenontorex!


That’s directed at me, isn’t it? :joy:

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I went with the Draco and now I feel mean BUT also cackling all the way into battle :joy:

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Yes it most definitely is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yep. Totally not going to join the dark side. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But don’t worry, my Dracorex Gen 2 is only level 13, so I’m still a little ways off from doing so. lol
Edit: Especially since I’m focusing on Thor right now. Don’t worry, Dracoceratops is next. I mean, what?