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Handing out 5* dragons

How is it that those that have been working so hard on breeding those rare dragons, now get punished. Once you earned that 5* dragon it felt great, like you actually earned it most the time. But now, seeing on discord about the amount of dragons being breed so easily, how could that have the same effect. Your handing out 5 stars untill everyone has the same team. What’s the next step? Adding bonuses to the dragons to create different teams? Like JWA? why are you making such a predictable game. Not to mention the iOS hate you guys clearly have. Where has creativity gone? your getting lazy and now just handing everything out for free, when there multiple ppl who have spent hundreds to get where they are today.


I started playing the very first day the game was released back in January, in all this time i’ve never gotten a single 5* from drafts or breeding and it’s frustrating to spend my runes for nothing. My only 5*s are event dragons and i’d have quit the game a long time ago if it wasn’t for them, this is a welcome and needed change for me.


For some one who’s spent a good couple thousand on the game, to have all those 5stars, hear about ppl who won’t buy the sub and whine about breeding. That was the game. Now there literally handing them out. How are going to feel when you get that 5star, and literally so did everyone else. Your not going to feel anything special, or be rewarded for it. Everyone else has that dragon too. Boring !!!

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How am i gonna feel when i get the 5* star i want? Happy, simple as that. I don’t care about other people’s game or who has “x” dragon and who doesn’t.

All i know is that the more people get the OP dragons the more likely they’ll get nerfed and that’s a good thing for variety in the arena.


Well I, for one, will be happy to have an easier chance to get the dragons I’ve been trying to breed for… forever… lol. But right now it’s more a matter of when that if. I wouldn’t expect any hand outs, though. Ludia isn’t known for their generosity and complaints like this usually fall on deaf ears. Lol. Been here long enough to know. :joy:


Ok so what happens when you get that 5 star that everyone has. It gets nerfed because of the quantity of ppl using them. So now that everyone is going to have murmur, the best dragon in the game, you expect them to nerf it. Not gunna happen, for all the top players who actually worked on their rosters before this buff, it pisses them off. Top ranked arena player has all the dragons and worked his ass off. Now you get all the dragons he spent thousands on? In your head that’s fair?


What I thought is that, for those who spent thousand into this game to get their murmurquill/sawmaw in the very beginning, they actually did enjoyed the moment of long period of time for being top players in the game while most of other players don’t owned.
And now Ludia implemented some mechanism to increase the chance of getting high tier dragons in view to beneficial other players. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong on this.

Early own to enjoy the game, later own to enjoy the discount


So what happens when everyone has all the dragons. How’s that going to be fun for anyone?

I agree the breeding changes are too high. I spent a lot of time breeding the dragons I have - which aren’t a lot. Knowing that it takes time and that I don’t have a lot of dragons gives me something to look forward to, I would like to see this get reversed.


All the P2W whales crying that the majority of the people are having fun, what kind of toxic player base is this lmao. Ludia is gonna make bank with this update and we have like 0.1% people crying about an update that’s gonna make everyone happy smh. Get over it.
New people will stay in the game to play the game instead of spending over half a year to get dupes enough for 1 dragon. More people will spend money in the game because it’s enjoyable.
Who cares if they balance dragons? That’s how balancing works. They release new dragons multiple times monthly. There will be new dragons coming out, new meta dragons etc. It’s how games go. Did people literally never play any video games before to understand this is normal?
Ludia is literally on the right path. They finally did something that is actually gonna generate them money.


Just to make things clear. I’m a fully free to play player and I have a 5* Sawmaw which took a ton of luck to get. I’m no breeding for murmur for 2 months strait with 2-3 breeds per day. So far no luck. Now we know the base chance (1%), and the max boost will get this to 5% which is still very low. I have hoped for a system like this for half a year now and am happy with it. I WANT murmur since day 1 so when I finally get him I will be extremely happy.


You have to be the saltiest wale I have ever seen.


Call it what you want, I was passionate about the game, after these updates one after another of crap for a year. You tend you get salty when they hand stuff out

Maybe I’m missing something, but I didn’t find any 5* dragon in my roster or in my mails. Where is that what ludia is handing out? Can someone please clarify it for me?


They are talking about the breedery. We are now able to see the odds of each breeding and they go up each time we don’t get the highest tier dragon (if you restart breeding within the hour).

For 4x4 breeding we start of with a 1% chance to et the 5* and are able to raise it to 3.5%, which some think is too much.

What I find really ridiculous is that they are saying the odds should be low like they were before, but we never even knew those odds in the first place (they could have lowered the base percentage in this patch and we wouldn’t even have known about it). So their arguments don’t really make any sense at all. To me it just seems that they are outraged that they haven’t been able to update their game cuz they have iOS and are just trying to take out their anger on the game in this way.

If you look at the odds it’ll still take about 30 breedings or so to get your first 5* from 4x4 breeding, which in my opinion is kinda just right. The game is clearly designed for children. Do we really expect them to put in thousands of dollars into a mobile game? Or have the patience to wait for several months of getting 3* after 3* before even getting a 5*?


Thank you!


Absolutely! No- one made anyone spend vast sums of money on this game. Some people have had luck with breeding, others waited months with no luck. Now everyone has a chance to actually get something you still got to spend time and fish. At some point everyone was going to get these dragons anyway, or do some people want it to actually be impossible? I for one am glad of the changes as I Ishtar stand a chance of getting some fives, which will still take ages to max, and give me a chance to progress further.



You see 5 people posting themselves get one 5 star dragon each and people instantly freak out saying the game is ruined. They aren’t handing out anything. RNG is still huge. 3% chance to get a 5 star is still low coupled with RNG, you either get lucky and get it or you don’t. It’s how it works.


3% chance still means on average it should take 33 pairings to get one, I feel like the chances used to be somewhere around 2% for 5x5 just given all the 5 stars I bred, but we’ll never know for sure as ludia hid it all the way til the time they changed it.


Who is handing what out? Since the update did not manage to breed a single 5* even though I have had the 5 times bonus for number of tries now with zero luck. Some people are just luckier than others but no one is definitely handing anything out…