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Handling the continental epics

If there is one group of epics that are really not talked about, it has to be the continental epics. The idea isn’t bad if you want my opinion, although the timing could be a bit better outside of covid 19, but hey, you got to progress no matter what, and hopefully covid is gone for good soon. But back on topic, the continental epics are not really talked about. None is particularly strong (apart from maybe rinchenia) and none have hybrids, which I am going to talk about here. Why is this so important. Well, it gives you an advantage based on where you live. If struthiomimus, stegoceras, and rinchenia all get hybrids, and the struthi hybrid is on par with mammolania strength-wise, the rinchenia hybrid is more like entelochops in terms of strength, and the stegoceras hybrid is lousy like aquillamimus, then that is not fair for the people who live in the western hemisphere and have to FIP for the better hybrids. This creates an unfair advantage as people will get the really strong hybrid much faster than those who have to FIP for it. Is there a way to fix this? The simple answer is “Yes”. There are 2 different solutions I have in mind:

  1. This is pretty basic: Create 3 different hybrids of equal strength. Unfortunately, i doubt Ludia spends time testing the hybrids they make and just chucks them in there without a thought in the world, because if they actually cared about some sort of balance, they would focus on helping out struggling creatures like the deer and eagles to compete with their insane counterparts. So unfortunately, while this may be a pretty easy idea to come up with, odds are Ludia will screw it up.

So, that leads to…

  1. Create a superhybrid using all 3 continental epics. That way everyone has access to a component, but not the other 2. Everyone is put on a similar playing field and there is no strength difference in hybrids because it’s the same hybrid. Now the Americans have no advantage over the Australians apart from speedties, which still need fixing.

At the end of the day, I prefer option 2. Even though option 1 could occur, there will probably be some way for one of the 3 to gain the slight edge on the other 2. Option 2, no edge exists because they are all the same. Ludia seems to be digging up older creatures and making hybrids from them, and I’m sure these 3 aren’t far off from a hybrid. I hope careful planning is put into this because if Ludia handles things like they normally do (outside the design team), there will be a disaster right around the corner

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Option 3

rotate them like zones do.


Happy cake day!
And I do like the sound of all 3 options, though would also be great if ludia included them in epic and or battle incs to become somewhat more available

They haven’t done that yet, so I doubt that will happen. But that is a possibility

Option 4
Remove continental spawns
That shouldn’t be a thing in the first place.