Happy 21st Anniversary JP3!

If you didn’t know already, yesterday was the 21st anniversary of Jurassic Park 3! While it may have its flaws, it introduced us to one of the most well know dinosaur in the franchise, the Spinosaurus! From its large and intimidating size, to its controversial victory against the T-Rex, it surely has become an icon to the Jurassic franchise.

JP3 isn’t the best movie, but it has become well known over time. Even though this is a day late, it’s still never too late to say, happy 21st birthday JP3!


Yes! Happy b-day JP3! I had coincidentally drawn the spinosaurus yesterday (dubbed spinny by me and @Deepseagoblin) here it is!

Happy belated b-day JP3


Happy Birthday Jp3!
Featured Dinosaur: Spino!


Last year hen we had the 20th anniversary I was hoping we’d get a LEGO JP3 set. Still hope they make it one day
BTW I’d like to point out that JP3’s soundtrack has an excellent piece “The Hat Returns”, in case you didn’t pay attention to it.

My favourite bit starts at 3 minutes. I LOVE IT