Happy 4th Anniversary JWA community!

Let’s celebrate it TikTok style.

:birthday: A belated congratulations on FOUR successful years in the AR gaming industry! Jurassic World Alive is a resilient game and force to reckon with. :partying_face:

ARK is also celebrating our 2nd anniversary by unveiling our dedicated website, MyJWA.com. :tada: It’s focused on inspiring the community and adding growth in numbers in the coming days. We strive to broaden the JWA exposure and increase interests amongst JWA enthusiasts around the world at all hours of the day/night.

Keep up the great progress team, as we look forward to seeing more ingenuity and artistry unveiled in JWA as 2022 continues. We cannot wait to see what the next update brings. From your loyal fans and seasoned veteran players since the launch of the game in 2018, your friends from ARK.


Would be a lot happier if the changes in the latest “update” were rolled back.

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