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Happy Anniversary Jurassic World Alive!


Three years ago, in May, Ludia introduced a world of dinos and drones that immersed us into an interactive experience within our physical world.

Like many of you, I eagerly awaited entry into the beta release. Once in, I spent countless hours hunting commons and rares, inching my way closer to the elusive Indoraptor, and taking screenshots of stalking dinosaurs upon my unsuspecting loved ones. There wasn't a dino that would escape my darts or a supply drop that would be left untapped.

Looking back at where we started to where we are today, one can't help but joyfully reminisce and be grateful to all the people at Ludia for their dedication and contributions. They brought this world that has kept us entertained while building friendships with people worldwide to life, and it continues only to get better.

Thank you, Ludia, for all you have accomplished and for the many things you have planned for us ahead.

Also deep gratitude and thank you to all of the players within our community that make this game feel like a second home. Over the last three years your friendships, passionate discussions, and strategy sessions have made challenges tolerable and created many fond memories. Happy Anniversary to the entire JWA Community. Hunt on fellow DPGs!

From your friends at ARK.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

2018: The Journey Begins
  • Ludia released the live version on May 28, 2018.

  • Soon alliances were forged, and many players experienced the first aspect of social benefits via DNA donations.

  • Daily Missions and Daily Battle Incubators rewarded players for their efforts and hard-fought battles in Arenas.

  • Many experienced their first taste of tournaments and their rewards.

2019: The Year of Strategic Changes
  • 2019 introduced Alliance missions with a 5/5 ranking system. Those were some tough days as it took strategic effort, such as coordinating the opening of incubators to gain the maximum benefit and achieve the highly sought-after Defence 5 rank.

  • Boosts dropped on us like a bomb. Everything we knew about arena battle strategy changed. Boosts became an essential part of battles as they added a much-needed component to give battles variety. The introduction of boosts remains a hot and controversial topic to this day.

  • Sanctuaries, the pursuit of a level 20 sanctuary changed the way the community engaged. Sanctuaries are a local resource that many adopted and leveraged the share features to link alliances worldwide. Together, these CoOps (collaboratory operations) build sanctuaries and create a community that brings strategy and friendship. It’s one of the most player bonding features and DNA essential resources that JWA currently has.

  • Campaigns created a friendly tutorial to introduce all players to battle tactics and features that otherwise would be overlooked. It gives new players a positive battle experience and valuable battle insights, which they can use once they meet their first PVP opponent.

  • Emotes allowed us to communicate within battles and, in some cases, used as mental battle tactics.

2020: Putting Players First

For those in the mobile entertainment industry, 2020 was a challenging year, especially those focused on AR games. However, Ludia thrived during this difficult time because they did something many others did not. They halted plans and instead adapted the game to provide their players with the much-needed distraction that would accommodate the restrictions of quarantine and keep their players safe. Ludia deserves recognition and praise for taking this decision and placing the needs of quarantined players first. Thank you for making 2020 a bit more bearable for many of us by offering.

  • Multiple 3 hour Giga Scents

  • Large Bundle of darts for just 100 coins

  • Multiple Raids

  • Alliance Championships

All features allowed us to continue to play this game at home, continue our in-game progress, and contribute towards alliance goals. Truly, thank you!

2021: What is next?!

As 2021 progresses, we have seen an invasion of flocking chickens. From a player playing this game daily since the days of beta, I sense the excitement as we transition into a new era. I am enthusiastically looking forward to what the creative minds of Ludia have in the making.


Ive been playing for 3 years this week as well since beta, met some wonderful people help and support.


Thanks for these three years of learning more about dinos and enjoying with this game!!


Grazie Ludia un gioco bellissimo un gioco spettacolare

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Translated from Italian

Thanks Ludia a beautiful game a spectacular game

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I have been playing JWA since it’s release. It started as a game I could just play with my 3 boys but turned into something so much more that I could have never anticipated! It truly is a community that I am proud to be a part of. I have made some amazing friends and gained so much knowledge about this game just in the past year. Thank you ARK for having LEGION OF CHAOS as a part of your world. Thank you Ludia for this amazing game! I can’t wait to see what new things you have in store for us.


Did anyone else make a decent AR game about dinosaurs? Nope. Did anyone else make me devote at least 2 hours of every day for three years to their game? Nope! I guess this game was good then. And addictive. At 2 hours a day, I’m easily over 1000 hours into this game. And that’s as a fairly casual player. Should I be thanking Ludia for this colossal waste of my time?! :joy:. Not wasted if you enjoy it I guess! Happy anniversary from Sol of Wild Things


Although we all might have tons of complaints about different aspects of the game, we should still be thankful just for its very existence, it has added colours to our lives and that’s what make it important.
And for most of us dinosaur lovers we just know how much better this game is than other AR games!


Proud member of Thors Emerald Empire and thanks for having them I have fun playing Jwa with friends.


Happy Anniversary Ludia JWA Alive!

I’ve been enjoying the game for roughly two years. I lead a great team in this game you’ve created, and one thing I have learned, you can’t make or keep everyone happy, and this is just for 49 other people. I can only imagine the task you have with trying and keeping hundreds of thousands happy :blush:

I look forward to seeing how the game continues to thrive over another 3 years, please do not get discouraged and keep up the good work, we appreciate you!

Thank you and Happy Anniversary from Team TEE


Congratulations Ludia. The SUPREMA BRASIL alliance thank you!

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Happy anniversary JWA! It’s been a great pleasure to play JWA since day one and I never thought it would create the friendships I have now with people all over the world! Thank you for such a great game!!!

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Happy Anniversary to JWA and all members of the DPG around the world! :partying_face: And deepest gratitude to @ARK for serving as a beacon to bring the JWA community together and strengthen us. We have chomped, we have clawed, we have FIPped our brains out, but it’s the friends we’ve made that have made it so much fun. :sparkling_heart:


Being pretty old, I like to solve problems to keep sharp (OK, that’s presumptuous, this assumes that I was sharp before :joy: ) it’s what battles, particularly in tournaments, are for me.

So Happy Anniversary Ludia

Claude DTA ERA


Happy Anniversary JWA!!! This is the best game ever!!! I’m totally addicted. :wink: I have only been playing the game for approximately 2 years. However, I have not regretted it since. Not only do I love the game but I also love the @ARK community. Here’s to many more years of darting!!! DinoGirl from Tyrant Dinos (TYR and D1RAP)


Happy Anniversary JWA.

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Joyeux troisième anniversaire Ludia… De la part de toute l’alliance Québec

Happy third anniversary Ludia… From all of us from alliance Québec!

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I still remember some proud moments I had when JWA came out:

First creature of each rarity (apex not included)

  • Common: Einiosaurus
  • Rare: Dimetrodon
  • Epic: Baryonyx
  • Legendary: Stegodeus
  • Unique: Indoraptor

First master difficulty tower defeated: Indominus rex tower (in 2019 - during the pterosaur update I believe, team I used: Tanycolagreus lvl 9, Alanqa lvl 13, Ankylosaurus lvl 14, Velociraptor lvl 15)

100th creature unlocked: Darwinopterus

First alliance I joined: “Beaver and pals”


Happy Anniversary JWA! There’s been ups and downs, but it’s been a great three years. Don’t let Jam City ruin it :sweat_smile:

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Happy Anniversary JWA! I have been playing JWA since May 30, 2018. Thinking about everything that has happened in JWA, I think the best introduction into the game was Alliances. That was the element that really allowed players to connect with other players , make new friends, & progress in the game. Congratulations Ludia on your 3rd Anniversary.


Started playing since the pre-launch, o boy what a ride it has being so far.
From a casual player to a hardcore player, from a member to being leader of our wonderful group Jurassic Parks Hunters.
All thanks to this game bringing people together with the love for dinosaurs, and making new friendships along the way.
Sure there are things to be upset about some changes that have being made during the manny updates.
But i want to thank the Ludia staff for all there efforts, and wishing them a happy 3th anniversary.
Happy Hunting everyone. :partying_face: