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Happy Anniversary Jurassic World Alive!

We’re relatively new to JWA having only started this year, but it’s the best! I share an account with my 10 year old son and it’s been the best bonding experience - it’s something we can do together and love it! Joining an Alliance which is part of Ark has also been the best, so many friendly like minded people - it’s like a whole great JWA family :relaxed: Love that you kept evolving the game, but the goals are always achievable. Honestly the best game we have ever played. Thank you

Thank you, we appreciate it very much.

My girl friend and I have been playing for a few mounths now, and we are really enjoying the game.

For the past mounth, we have been a part of the ARK alliance Pteribyl, and we have gotten alot of New friends, from All over the world.

What ht can I say, we both love to play JWA.

Thank you, for alot of houers of fun play.

Happy Anniversary JWA from TeaRex Hunters! This game has been an important part of my life for the last three years. One of the best things to ever happen in this game was Alliances, which allows us to have a great group of friends to share the game with. I’ve been lucky to have found a fantastic Alliance from the start and have been in TeaRex Hunters since the first day Alliances were created. And one of the best things to happen to TeaRex Hunters was the opportunity to join ARK. ARK has been simply amazing, not only providing sanctuaries, but a wonderful community of players helping each other. I’m very thankful my daughter and I decided to try downloading JWA three years ago, thanks Ludia for a fantastic game and the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful Alliance and the fabulous CoOp ARK.

Playing from little more than 1 year, this game is soooooo good!
Keep up with the effort!

So many heartwarming posts!

Three years ago my wife, myself and our son would go out ant every opportunity to play PoGo, then one day she said I should look at this new game called JWA. I tried it and found darting really hard but stuck at it. We all played it alongside PoGo, but after a while I found myself playing this way more.

There have been ups and downs, that’s inevitable, but the fact that I’m still here spending endless hours playing and helping my alliance - (the truly wonderful Littlefoots) - is a testament to the game not being anywhere near as bad as we sometimes make it out to be!

Alliances, raids and the ever increasing roster are by far the high points for me. Long may the game continue to keep me active and entertained in my retirement. Thank you to everyone involved.

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I’ve been playing from the beginning. And this game brought me a lot of fun.

um lol that is awesome

Happy Anniversary :t_rex:

This game is part of my daily ritual. It’s made me a dinosaur obsessive. Thank you JWA!

Looking forward to where the game goes in the future. Lots more creatures… cough Aquatics! cough

Thanks Ludia for such a great game! :t_rex:

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Happy anniversary!

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My family only started to play so my wife and myself could do something together with our children
That was just after launch, but the kids lost interest as most do
But my wife’s and myself gained a lot more interest now she runs Terra Spuds and I run NerdsToTheBone which we are happy to say are part of the amazing @ARK family
Where over the years we have met some amazing people from all over the world
So thankyou ludia and thankyou ARK
And happy birthday