Happy Anniversary! What are some of your RoB memories?

A few from me;

  • Having Dragon Riders sub give Big Buff instead as the reward before Light Fury was known
  • Having “Night Light #1” and 2 & 3
  • The collectibles pack “fix” and then reversion
  • Wondering what Submaripper would do, as it didn’t seem like we had anything it could do
  • Submaripper/Ripwrecker changing names due “to the book being stuck together”
  • Chicken being added and the divisive opinions on that
  • Remembering that we used to Defend against Alvin
  • Feeling some unease, trading with Johann now

I’ve always been interested in reading a dragon book, and finding interesting descriptions there. Like the dragon Gothi, for example xD


I’m going to sound really old, but… Does anyone else remeber a time before Defend Berk when a Battle Mode Button was in-game with an image of armored dragons and the message “Coming Soon”? Ah, the good ol’ days…


I remember this too!

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A few from me are:

  1. The season Hub and Seasonal packs getting added
  2. Finally completing the Red death and Exotic Whispering Death collections
  3. Having the Teen Night Lights Added
  4. Getting the Spring Statue
  5. Today, actually getting an Alpha Shadow Via exploration
    and 6. Getting most of my Brawl Dragons to a titan (FINALLY)!

I remember old look of book of dragons… Good old days :pleading_face: