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Happy birthday to all alliances founded on day 1

1 year ago, the alliance feature was added to the game. Congratulations to all alliances that were started on the very first day and are still here today.

Please post some fond memories you have of being in your alliance.
Proudly post if your alliance was one of the first and still going strong!
Thank your alliance leaders. Thank your alliance members. Together we are keeping this game fun.
Lets get some spam in here with your alliance logos or screenshots of your alliances!

Over all , not just the first alliances, which alliance has the funniest name?
If you have suggestions for other questions to ask , comment and lets get the alliances some recognition!


I met some cool members in my first allience, one day the leader left the game and we were lost, we didn’t know each other (out of the game) so we start planning leave the allience at the same time, our friend found another allience for us and we all jump together. New allience was ok but we wanted better rewards so again our friend found an allience. Now (9 months later) we have new & old friends to share the game. So I just say thanks Ludía and thanks friends for keep the game interesting and fun for everyone.
And Happy Anniversary for all alliances!

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Day 1 I joined Pounce but our leader disappeared so we had to disband and create a new alliance. Pounce Global was formed and most members moved there.
After 1.7 we lost some people but we could easily fill the gaps with new recruits and we have a solid team right now. We reached 5/4 every week since the start with I think just one time 4/4 and in the beginning one time 5/5.
We didn’t lost anyone over rage quitting in 1.10 so that’s good, but every month we kick 1 to 3 inactive people.
Shout out to @Schtemty @BigKinR @StrayDog @BrontosaurusRex and some other who might lurk on the forums occasionally :slight_smile: great alliance!


If only my alliance knew this… Still, happy 1 year for the alliances from “Beaver and pals”

Looks like I created my account a day after on the forums.
Probably to complain about how buggy the alliance chat is :stuck_out_tongue: And it still is!!!


Thanks KillerRaptors for the Alliance-aversary announcement! :partying_face: I joined our alliance, “YouBetJurassican” based purely on the name as I am a sucker for cheesy puns. We are still going strong today. I’m so thankful for our teammates, new and old, as well as to the close allies we’ve formed along the way too. I doubt I’d still be playing today if it weren’t for the camaraderie we’ve made with KillerRaptors and their awesome JWA community they’ve created on Discord :hugs:


I spent the HC to form my alliance when they were released. The only one I’ve been in, and still going reasonably well.

Not sure about day one, but definitely within a few days.

“Breaking Bad”

Ahhh memories. Lots of things have happened after one year of alliances was formed. Met many people of all walks of life that are very passionate about the game. Reading conversations in the forum or discord I observed players who possesses strong and varying opinions about the game and it’s progress. Countless drama and frustrations of some players because of unforeseen changes. Which Ludia has never failed to surprise us over the year. Some of us bonded as friends even If we only meet virtually. Few alliances elevated themselves to become elite alliances and others formed new younger alliances from disbanded ones because leaderships has fallen or disagreements with one another , or other jumps to other alliances for respite or for whatever reason there is. Other members form their own alliances from the ashes of older alliances. In most part looking forward for another year filled with excitement and drama. Happy Birthday to KillerRaptors and SandDunes . :handshake: @Kopas_25 @KillerRaptors

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Shout out to all of the alliances I have been a member of. From my first, Sand Dunes (you never forget your first) to my current, and hopefully final home, ApexPredators (such a relaxed and generous bunch of people). Special thanks as well to members of International Dinos, Kelliance and Team GB (now Team Invincibles). It has been an honour to have fought alongside you all.


sand dunes was a group before alliances started. it was my very first alliance and ill always be a duner in heart!! lots of great memories!!


I remembered the day when the alliances were formed and when I opened the game I was already in SandDunes thanks to @Kopas_25 s who is always a Duner by heart and a SD mascot. :clap::clap::clap: . But I have great memories with SD and always greatfull for all the memories and shoutout to KillerRaptors for being generous and accepting us as new friends.


I was a pretty rookie player when day 1 of the Alliances begin… actually, hour 1 and very few had been created…thus, First Ones were born.

While were started as a casual group, it quickly became apparent of the benefits of a strong and active group. Inactive players were weeded out and strong players invited. Currently, we are a strong 4/4 group and, occasional, 5/4.

As an Alliance Leader, I always listen to our group…thus we started a Discord channel. All are invited but usually only the more active players participant (my Alliance Council)

My biggest challenge as a leader is now being able to easily identify those inactive players.

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Happy happy Anniversary to KillerRaptors and “everyone else celebrating 1yr today”

JWA TeamTexas was born one year ago when my impatient self, not being accepted in the 2.5 seconds I gave any alliance to accept me :woman_facepalming:
Alliances have brought a whole new aspect to JWA for me …people to play the game I love with.
I came to JWA from a very strong local pogo community. Dinos just never caught on with my town and I was really missing the personal aspect of gaming. I’ve found some amazing friends thanks to alliances, and it’s definitely fun not to be playing “solo”

@KillerRaptors You are one of my JWA blessings! :two_hearts: love the friendship we have formed over the past year! Thank you for always being my go to “JWA guru”. Love ya

To my TeamTexas family … y’all rock! I don’t think I could be more blessed with a better group of gamers that have really turned into a family! We have laughed together, cried together and GROWN together. You are truly an amazing group and I’m so blessed to be called your leader :two_hearts:

Here’s to many more years y’all :two_hearts:

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Pounce Global is a terrific Alliance. We are successful because we do not have strict rules and requirements. JWA is a game and games are suppose to be fun and enjoyable. We encourage members of Pounce Global to play at their own comfort level. I would like to acknowledge and thank our current leader Benjamin1245 for an outstanding job in recruiting and rebuilding Pounce Global after 7 or 8 of our top players abandoned P.G. on July 1 - 2, 2019 without any warning or explanation. As the oldest member of Pounce Global at 70 years young I pride myself on being a team player and being a stabilizing influence in Pounce Global because I love Pounce Global, all of our members , and want it to be successful. Sincerely, BigKinR


Maybe we have even older members :stuck_out_tongue: some do not talk much!