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Happy Cakeday.😀🥳

Brachiosaurus and the rest of the forums wish you a very Happy Cakeday @HanSoloWannaBe !

While not much active these days , he has been very active previously on the forums and has been of massive help if you read older posts. I take this opportunity to wish Happy Cakeday to an Amazing,Wise Dino Trainer


Not sure if it’s the birthday or if it marks the day he joined the forum (2nd September)… still happy cake day to @HanSoloWannaBe, the Dino Trainer who advised me not to stress out on the game! :smiley:


Hopefully he reads this and decides to let us benefit more again from his wisdom.


True. I could have him teach me life lessons.


The wisdom he bestowed on us is way more than everything I have learnt online in the past few months combined :relieved:


He has taught a lot to the forums,he deserves rest.


Would be amazing if he returned though


I can see a Brachiosaurus Week might bring him back.


I missed his cake-day…


His cake day is still there


Why was this flagged?


Sadly HanSolo maybe has not read this yet.


You forget…there are pearls to be clutched righteously around here. I got one yesterday too


My, but this was a very gracious, undeserved gift. Thank you all.

It wasn’t my birthday, but the day I joined the forums. What a blessing.

I’ve not been as active in either the game or the forums, true. Not because the forums aren’t worthy, but because I’ve prioritized other things. A constant question I ask myself is, “Of all the thousand things I could and should be doing with myself right now, what is the most important?” The forums are important, but other things like family & work have superseded them.

As for the game it is still fun, but not as much fun as it used to be. Brachiosaurus was fantastic, and I still go to that paddock and just look at her from time to time. I also love new dinosaurs, so the Ornithocheirus was fantastic. But new hybrids and “Gen 2s” harbor little interest for me; why make up a fake dinosaur or recolor an old one when there so many other ones to get? I’ve also had a run of bad luck with Modded PvP. Besides the too-often-not-worth it rewards (another Kaprosuchus? 40 more DNA?), I’ve been getting opponents that have Splinter and Terrify stacked against my usual Endurance-Intimidation-Rally line-up. Not exactly an incentive to play the game.

Still, all these accolades are undeserved and more a reflection of the grace of the people on the forum than anything from me. So thank you all. If time and energy allow, perhaps I’ll submit another post with “Han’s Handy Life-Hacks” to try to say thank you in a way that benefits this community. Meanwhile, I am humbled and grateful.


What do you mean?.. for the wisdom you bestow on fellow forum players… you deserve it a lot :smiley:


Oh! You truly do deserve this. You while not majorly active today,have certainly played a major role in shaping this forum for what it is today. As for the question you kept asking your self, I wondered the same thing, the answer I recieved was to do what i am comfortable with and that out of the 24 hours everybody has , everyday, it is a resource that is equal to everybody,and what one could do and what one could waste it on are wondrous,but to me, maybe a new invention might occur in those 24 hours, one that would change our world,have an impact,but if somebody has spent those hours as the happiest hours,that is far superior.


You’ve graced me by saying nice things about me; in (I hope) a show of appreciation, or perhaps (more truthfully) an old man taking an opportunity to rail on in a show of apparent “wisdom”, here are some things in my life that I hope are helpful to you guys. Keep in mind that, to quote the Cowboy Guide, good judgment comes form experience, but experience comes from bad judgment.

Not all game-related, but I hope helpful:

The most important things in life are priorities and perspective (and people are a priority).

Chances are good we’ve all gotten our blood up at some point over this game (and doubtless other things). It’s helpful to keep things in perspective. When the server disconnected when I was desperately trying to claw my way into Dominator, it’s easy to throw my phone; then I realize how blessed I am, and it’s a game, and it’s not the end of the world if I have to wait another eight months for the chance to unlock that dinosaur. There is plenty of fun stuff to do in this game (thank you, Ludia). Same is true with much of life; in the grand scheme of things, what really matters?

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.

Good, real, deep humor and laughter (not bitter or scornful laughter or cynical jokes) are indications of good mental health. When you play modded PvP and “win” 40 DNA or yet another Aerotitan, you can get upset or you can just chuckle at it. When you log back in and realize you forgot to start a new dinosaur to cooking in your hatchery when you have 56 dinosaurs logged up in your market and that incubator has been sitting empty for three days, you can either get mad at yourself, or you can just laugh at your humanity. It is a blessed thing to find humor in yourself. I’m well-known IRL for my bad jokes, but it’s because I’m often just looking for an excuse to laugh. Life is too short to stress through it, and people are too precious not to enjoy it with.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.

We don’t know people’s stories, so when they are annoying us, it’s good to assume a story that gives them the benefit of the doubt. That worker at the fast food joint that is taking forever and not getting my order right, maybe she’s a girl who’s just gotten clean from drugs and is trying to get her life back together, or maybe she’s a teenage, single mother of three special-needs kids. The last thing she needs is me to get in her face when she’s giving it her best. How desperately do so many people just need someone to smile at them and to acknowledge their humanity? Here in the forums, maybe you get somebody saying trashy stuff or blowing smoke. We don’t know what kind of day they had, what might have just happened to their job, what diagnosis a family member just got, what kind of family history or background they might have. So don’t take things too personal, don’t get upset, and give people the benefit of the doubt.

It doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be helpful.

Hi, my gamer-tag is HanSoloWannaBe, and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I wasted way too much of my life trying to be perfect. Someone gave me a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) that it doesn’t have to be good; it just has to be helpful. There are lots of good things to say or do, but the timing might be wrong, or I might use the wrong words, or the person might not be in a place to hear or receive it, or I might not need to spend oodles of time getting it perfect. It doesn’t need to be good; it just needs to be helpful.

The most important two words in a disagreement: that’s right.

This one doesn’t apply to JW:TG, but it’s been too valuable to my life not to share. Whether you’re disagreeing about someone over politics, religion, or what to eat for dinner, the most two most important words in any disagreement are, “That’s right” (I stole this from Chris Voss, by the way). Say I’m a flaming free-market capitalism (which I am), and my friend is a democratic socialist (which he is). We can yell in each other’s faces about our positions, but when real progress comes is when I can try to get to the bottom of his position. Eventually, as I try to understand why and what he believes, I say, “So your goal in all this is to find a way to provide for poor, under-privileged people?” “That’s right,” he says. Okay. Now, we can finally have a real discussion; we can talk about why he thinks his politics will help the underprivileged, and I can talk about why I think mine will help (or maybe I realize my position never even considered the underprivileged). Same thing goes when my teenage son wants to go somewhere for the night. I keep trying to understand his “why” until I ask, “So you want to be able to do something fun with your friends?” Him: “That’s right!” Me: “Okay, so let’s talk about the best way to make that happen that keeps you and them safe but still lets you have a great time making memories.” Not sure if any “that’s right” conversations would happen on the forums, but it sure has been helpful to me both personally and professionally in a world with so much antagonism. Maybe if Hammond and Malcolm had had a “That’s right” conversation, the raptors would never have gotten out?

And chances are that by this time in the post, I’m now sitting in a Jeep here talking to myself. That, that’s chaos theory.



I just love the JP references you add to your posts :dizzy:


‘Maybe if Hammond and Malcolm had had a “That’s right” conversation, the raptors would never have gotten out?’

And the movie would have ended after 30 minutes in perfect harmony. It would have been a total disaster at the cinema theatres, nobody would have ever thought of making sequels or computer games about dinosaurs and we all would never had met.
Oh, oh.:wink:


And we wouldn’t be on the forums here talking to each other, since JW:TG would never had existed

That’s not chaos theory, it’s frightening :scream: