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Happy Dino Mom

My Hens are finally starting to lay eggs! They’re 5 ½ months old now, their eggs are so small! Three of the four are laying now, one started laying last week and her eggs are almost “normal” size, while the other two that are laying still have small eggs
One of them is laying micro eggs. :rofl:

It also got me thinking, at one point in time some dinosaurs laid eggs that were this small. Their young had to be so tiny and fragile.


Do you also expect to see a velociraptor pop out when it hatches? I’ve seen more eggs hatch in Jurassic movies than in chicken runs…

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That would be awesome!

I’d love to have a little Velo I can train to be my guard dino!

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Tiny one looks like a quail egg with no spots.

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Its actually smaller than a quail egg. :o

Wow, that’s an achievement.

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I feel stupid now.

So eggs grown? I thought once they laid the egg it was the size it was when it hatches. I thought only the embryo grew inside the egg not both.


When chickens first start laying, their eggs are small. After about 1-2 weeks the eggs they lay are about normal size. :slight_smile:
By one month they’re the size we’re all used too

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Something is telling me that the egg grows because of the air, since the growing embryo needs to breathe the bigger it is the more oxigen it’ll need

The eggs themselves don’t grow. Lol

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OK, then you just bamboozled me

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I’m not sure where you all are getting the idea that the eggs are growing.

Did I word it bad? :laughing:


Maybe… _.

I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

:joy::rofl: I may have read it wrong.

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Its all good! ^^