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Happy Golf Season


Happy Golf Season.

I hope you all are having a good week.
Tell us which Dinosaur in JWA would be the best golfer and why.

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Does golf = hockey in Canada, @Keith? Actually, isn’t hockey the ONLY sport?? :wink:

Golf season begins when Hockey season ends, so it’s different for each team.

No dinosaur would ever lower itself to play golf. Cricket on the other hand…


No love for the Toronto Raptors? Not exactly my home team but they are Canadian.

stegodeus will hole in 1 everything with its thagomizer

Will thagomizer cause the ball to roll extra slow towards the hole?

Speaking of links, today’s twitter didn’t have one… (see what I did there??) @Keith

Hi, since you transitioned that so well, here is the link that was attached to the Facebook post today:

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This is why you’re my favorite! (Don’t tell Ned) :wink:

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Thanks for the 11.

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no, it only slows dinosaurs, just check the apk :wink:

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