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Happy Haunted Refrigerator Night

Happy Haunted Refrigerator Night

Ohh no! The fridge is haunted by a spoooooooooooky Goat. Which Dinosaur would you place in the fridge to get rid of it?

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Myself. Defrost that thing and let my grandpa make a mean mutton biryani! Yumm


Magnum would be my Ghost goat eater, it’s immune to spook isn’t it?


Damm. Isn’t that a bit op? Like, spook was its only counter

Nah, until the pied Piper comes it’s real weak to Rat.

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Wait, was it confirmed? I missed the patch notes

? I was joking, I don’t know what you are asking.


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I’m also joking…

Damm am I this bad at jokes?

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Oh sorry, yeah I couldn’t figure that out. Your usually funny so your usually good at jokes :wink:

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Thanks :blush: pal

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Your welcome funny funny :grin:

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Link not working … opening just a JWA website

Can you try a different browser, and make sure you are clicking from a mobile device?

How about we put in a big ghost spider instead? Maybe that will get rid of all of the many ghost bugs that have been haunting the game for over a year already.

How mean is your grandpa’s mutton biryani? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign me up!

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Pretty mean! Hasn’t made it in a while though. Guy’s getting older and all

Thanks for the 11.

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11 hard cash for a forced account link without prior warning or option to decline? Hidden in a random forum post? Am I mistaken?