Happy holiday's

i would like to give you a raid plan for lower level player’s

Is this a working one?

i mean i did not actuually test it cause i dont have one of the creatures at it’s level but it has a chance of working so please try it and if it does please let me know

                               also if any one want's to freind me my player name is Terriblelizard#7889

Nah man they’ll die, either with minions or finally with the nullifying rampage. Can’t say particularly, I haven’t dug so deep into it. Sadly it has no chance to get through

I srsly doubt this will work as you probably won’t have enough hp, but I’m willing to give it a go because the requirements don’t look that bad lol


would love to see it work. i would get my rixis up for this!

Wait no, I doubt this works, therr is a flaw I can already see in this raid. That immobiliz move is useless. It will target entelodon because it is fastest and entelodon is 100% stun immune, also there is no point in locking down a creature in a raid. So I think this has been miscalculated. Also not sure, but don’t think alloraptor can go distracting rampage first move


i…forgot about the minions :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Immobilize is pointless, Distracting Rampage has a delay, and some of the cooldowns are wrong.

imobilize actually increases the speed so not completely pointless i think

how does immoblize increase speed? what reality do you live in lol

I sent request

If in any case this gets to round 3, ends there. Alloraptor can’t avoid targeting Doedi turn 2 with RT if Doedi taunts. That means Nullifying Impact next turn hits all. Also you need way more distraction on Gorgo, as its 75% distraction resistant.

I think I get what the misunderstanding is. It targets fastest, it doesn’t increase speed.

thanks dude

oh ya i did misunderstand that

if you plan on trying it, let me know. i have the rixis all ready.