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Happy International Women's Day ♀️

With today being International Women’s Day, today would’ve been the PERFECT time to bring back all the lovely ladies of Lovelink, but unfortunately, you didn’t!

Every week that goes past, it gets more and more frustrating waiting for them to return. Eve/Alice, Sage/Vitoria, Samantha/Aesha and Clementine/Grace, just to name a few!

Please Lovelink, hurry! :pray::broken_heart:

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Exactly today would have been perfect to release Felicia

@GoodGuyVoodoo we are gonna keep waiting as lovelink has made it obvious that they dont seem 2 care about us who prefer to match the females.

i agree with @JDR this would have been the perfect day to have ungrayed some females and give us felicia and skye and nina. but again they dont seem 2 care

From what I’ve read from people’s comment’s on Lovelink’s Twitter and Instagram posts are that they’ve also been ignoring a lot of the male characters too.

Yes honestly even the guys are all grayed out as well. Most of mine have been gone for several Months and the few they have brought back have been for like a day and the gone again, and it’s been just the same few guys they keep bringing back.