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Happy JWA update

This may sound completely weird, but I’m so happy that the dinosaurs and other creatures are still breathing after they lose all health. I was always hoping the creatures were KO’d vs RIP, and it appears as though my hopes are a reality. Call me a softie despite battling it out in the arenas, but it just make more sense for DPG-era dinosaurs to stay alive vs the alternative. I’m also incredibly relieved that the blood can be toggled off, too! I played one round with it on and was tempted to quit the game entirely because it was too much, before I realized I could turn it off in settings. I’m sooooo grateful for that LOL :joy:. Seeing dinosaurs on either team sitting in a pool of blood made me queasy (along with the gruesome sfx)… like I said, I’m a softy. I didn’t want any of the creatures to suffer, even though I know it’s just a game :joy::upside_down_face:


Yeah I liked that too. More realistic and less cruel.


I’m sure Owen would approve :rofl:


I saw an Erlidom breathing when I knocked it over. “Oh! This was going to be a bloody update, and now these pokemon dinos look even more innocent than before. That’s cute.” :slightly_smiling_face:


I really hope this is just a visual glitch. Why add blood and not kill dinos? Makes no sense.


Good point, but I don’t have another Magna…

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It died 700 times already anyway :slight_smile:


It’s definitely not a glitch. The animation is beautiful, so you could tell that the animation team spent some solid time on the creatures’ breathing cycles.

I have no idea why the blood was added… but regardless, it didn’t make much sense anyways for the dinos to die, blood or not, if gamers are supposed to be a part of Owen’s DPG. And, just because animals fight and some blood is spilled doesn’t always mean the fight is always lethal.

It’s not just breathing, my rinex’ tail kept wiggling too!
LOVE the blood effects.

The tail :rofl:

I still enjoy thinking about this…
Lvl 25 Thor vs lvl 6 Velociraptor
RAMPAGE crit=7,698,234,742 damage
Velociraptor: snooze
Thor: ???


And yes, when your health drops to 0, it’s lethal :slight_smile: with the teeth a thor has, that’s definitely lethal.

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Playing possum :rofl:

It better play possum with a chomp like that :rofl:
Oh, this is fun

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Indoraptor whacks Tryko
Tryko counters, Indo hits 0 hp
Indo pretends to take a nap
DPG squad hauls Indoraptor off the field
Indoraptor gets back up
“Hey wait guys, I wasn’t finished yet!”


Well, you do know that if you are ever attack by a grizzly or brown bear you’re supposed to pretend you’re dead :rofl::upside_down_face:

Dunno if it really works or not, and don’t plan on ever seeing if playing possum actually works with bears. I will just stick to bear mace on my hikes :rofl:

A few months ago there was a post where people were asking for it. They probably thought it would be a nice idea.

Not sure about happy update. I feel like those breaths might be some of their last as i was too busy in shock over the boost disaster to even notice any anims.

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Oh, now I know what we need! Compy squad as a usable dinosaur! Sleep venom. Takes the dino out. Opponent has to put in a new dino. After a couple rounds, the sleeping dino can be brought back into action again

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And it is! Best idea ever